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TFT Patch 11.11 Preview and Meta predictions: From Dusk ’till Dawn

The storm that has been the release of Set 5 continues with patch 11.11 dropping another novel of balance changes. Predicting the meta can be like predicting, well, the weather. Just when the meta seems to have stabilized, some new tech pops out of left field. This leaves some players scratching their heads wondering what they just played against, and why a three-star Hecarim just wiped their board despite never seeing it in their go-to guides. Here is a TFT Patch 11.11 preview.

While the list of changes may seem long, they seem to be pointing in some pretty obvious directions, here’s what to expect in the next couple of weeks: 

Dawnbringers are rising to S tier

After the rise of the Skirmishers last patch, those who read the patch notes already see the writing on the wall. Dawnbringer units across the board are being beefed up this patch. This does include Karma, who has already established herself as a nice 4-cost powerhouse. Her Soulfire damage is being increased at ranks one and two from 180/240 to 200/250. 

This combined with Ivern bug fixes, some of the more oppressive four-cost carries getting some much-needed nerfs and buffs to items that encourage rapid casting such as Archangel’s Staff and its shadow counterpart build-up patch 11.11 to be Karma’s for the taking. 

Aphelios is the new Jax

Aphelios feels like the kid who always hung around the troublemakers at school, but never got in trouble. Maybe he’s just a bit smarter than the rest, but he seems to be ducking and diving nerfs despite remaining an extremely powerful carry. 

While it’s only a slight buff increasing his base by five (70 to 75), just like Karma, buffs to the supporting cast around him and his already-established presence in the meta will make him one of the most coveted carries in the game. Vladimir, Sejuani, Morgana and Darius were all tuned up this patch, and it’s not like Nightbringer is currently a weak synergy by any means, either. This patch might be taking the ‘good vs. evil” theme a little too literally. Expect a lot of Garen vs Darius showdowns in the late game in the next couple of weeks. 

3-cost high-rolling will now be a viable way to win

Despite this prediction already appearing in the last patch preview, the rise of Jax and Kayle made this path extremely difficult., Yasuo is really the only unit consistently appearing in the top four as a reroll carry. This patch, with Dawnbringer and Nightbringer being beefed up, and the new shop odds changes making 3-cost units more common at levels 6 and 7, it may be more than just Yasuo finding themselves at the top of the lobby. 

Riot also mentioned in the notes that they felt that four-cost carries were too powerful and are trying to scale back their overwhelming presence in-game. They seem to be doing a great job as the path clears for someone like Nidalee or Riven, both of whom have just received back-to-back buffs, to take the stage as a premier lobby-winning carry. 


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