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TFT Patch 11.10: Rise of the Three Cost

Patch 11.10 is quite the doozy. With the changes list being the size of a YA book, it could take all day to comb through the information and make a sound prediction on the meta. So, instead, this article will take a look at one of the primary purposes of this patch: buffing the three costs.

With patch 11.10, Riot is hoping to create more ways to win by making some three costs more viable carry options instead of the usual four or five four-costs who seem to be winning all of the lobbies right now. Here are some of the three costs that may take over the starting role in the team.


This one may be more obvious to those who keep a close eye on what secret tech the top players are running. Katarina has already been a sort of sleeper pick. Patch 11.10 may just send her stock sky-high. Katarina’s three-star form received some buffs, with her initial blade damage increasing from 400 to 450 and the secondary damage increasing from 200 to 225. Her evasiveness paired with her huge AOE damage and these buffs will definitely encourage players to high roll a little more at seven, and maybe finally stop stacking Leblanc for a change. 

Here’s an example of what a strong Katarina team would like: 


With a whopping five Skirmishers being buffed this patch, this synergy will be a lot more prevalent in the next couple of weeks, especially in the early game. Nidalee will likely be taking over the carry position in this comp, as the bonus damage post-dodge in her thee-star form increased from 300 to 375. Her max mana is also being reduced from 75 to 60, allowing her to enter cougar form even sooner. While Jax was the previous carry of this comp, Nidalee’s mobility, item diversity and earlier access could make her the new star of the show 

Here’s an example of what a strong Nidalee team would look like:



The word “Blender” has cast a long shadow over Set 5 since Nocturne’s return was revealed. Players have been waiting in nervous anticipation for the return, and it may finally arrive in patch 11.10. Nocturne received a crucial bug-fix, now healing based on how many enemies he hit and taking his items into account rather than just healing based on a predetermined number. This opens up a lot of doors for Nocturne to make a triumphant return to the meta, and force players to watch helplessly as their team is shredded to bits. 

Here’s an example of what a strong Nocturne team would look like:



Dragconic fans have been having a field day over the last few weeks. Sett has found his own re-roll comp, Heimerdinger has been a terror since day one and now both Udyr and Zyra are getting a little extra oomph to their three-star forms. With Zyra’s already strong crowd control and high damage output, her three-star damage buff could cement her place as a strong carry, especially with Dragconic keeping the bank full and making finding extra units a breeze. 

Here’s an example of what a strong Zyra team would look like:



Coming from a trait that already boasts some of the strongest units in the game while offering damage that is able to take down tanks and squishy carries alike, Yasuo will confidently join the three-cost carry club this patch. His burning strike damage in his three-star form has increased by a whopping 150, going from 600 to 750. His carry potential is very similar to what Vayne is doing right now, utilizing Runaan’s Hurricane and Jeweled Gauntlet to apply her on-hit effect and melt everyone within a two-hex radius. Combine that with an extremely offensive synergy and a beefy frontline, and Yasuo could very well end his short retirement from being one of the most coveted units in the game. 

Here’s an example of what a strong Yasuo comp would look like:

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