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Top 3 Predictions For the New TFT: Galaxies Patch 10.7

With the wild first patch of TFT: Galaxies out of the way, players actually won’t be able to catch a break. Patch 10.7 brings plenty of crazy changes to the metagame. Here are the top three predictions heading into TFT: Galaxies patch 10.7

Every Meta Comp Besides Rebels Will Still Be Strong

Patch 10.7 Jhin

When looking at the patch notes it’s very clear that the biggest nerfs are coming to the games biggest menaces. Gangplank received a massive nerf to his ability damage. His ability at level two now does less damage than it used to do at level one. Aurelion Sol also saw a pretty significant nerf when it comes to his damage and his ability targeting. This does not make the comp terrible but without Gangplank, the Rebel composition loses a lot of power. It very well can still be meta but it probably won’t be at the top.

The other top compositions either got slaps on the wrist or just flat out got buffed.

Protectors saw a lateral change with Xin Zhao. Xin Zhao now needs an extra 10 mana to cast his ability but also received a damage buff.

Cybernetics saw a damage nerf onto Ekko but a bugfix buff that allows some of the champions in the composition like Lucian, Irelia, and Ekko himself to proc items that rely on auto-attacks when they use their auto-attack based abilities. The buff to Blademasters might also benefit the composition as well.

Blaster Brawlers saw a slight nerf to Miss Fortune but the true carry of the composition, Jinx, was not touched. Brawlers received a nerf to health but it probably wont be enough to make the comp unplayable. Lucian bugfix buff is huge here as well.

Mech-Pilot Infiltrator saw a nerf to three-star Shaco’s ability which now does 200 damage less than it usually did but with optimal items and dark star buff, Shaco overkills units anyways. Mech-Pilot Infiltrator will still be strong.

Jhin comp is getting buffed straight up. Snipers now do 3% more damage per hex and Dark Star was changed. Dark Stars now grant every Dark Star Champion a flat amount of AD and AP when another Dark Star dies and according to Riot Mort, the change is a “substantial buff” to Dark Stars.

The new Galaxies will significantly change how the meta works

TFT-Patch 10.7: Galaxien kommen, Nerfs für Tier-5-Units und mehr

The gimmick for TFT: Galaxies was originally revealed to be that some games would have special rules in place to spice gameplay up. Some players are already familiar with these as they have been on the PBE for a little while but with patch 10.7, they are finally coming to the live servers.

Patch 10.7 will bring three different “galaxies”. Those galaxies are, The Neekoverse, Lilac Nebula, and Medium Legends Galaxy. These Galaxies will change the game.

The Neekoverse grants all players at the start of the game two “Neeko’s Help” which allows players to create a copy of any champion they own. This means that players can instantly make any champion they have a level two version. This will allow players the opportunity to spike their comps way earlier than before. Players will now have to figure out if they want to Rush 8 for a tier five two-star champion or to go for a tier four three-star. Either way, games will be more explosive.

Speaking of Explosive, The Lilac Nebula will create more exciting games too. However, instead of making the game more exciting in the later rounds, games will now be more exciting from the start. With the entire opening carousel having only four cost units, this will let players to decide what comp they want to run before the first pvp round. An opening Jhin will put players in a very good position to play dark star snipers. A starting Fizz will allow players to spike very hard early with mech-pilot infiltrators. Players can also get a jump on everyone econ wise by selling their four-star unit for an extra four gold which is a ton of money in this set.

On the topic of econ, the Medium Legends Galaxy might cause more players to adopt the infamous “open fort” strategy. With every player starting with 125 HP, early game losses literally will not hurt a bit. Because of this, players may elect to not play any units at all in exchange for a guaranteed loss streak and more gold. Unlike the other two galaxies that will most likely end games quicker, this galaxy will make games longer.

Star Guardians Will finally have a place to shine

Star Guardian skins remind me of happy childhood memories - The ...

One of the more exciting compositions that players wanted to try out in patch 10.6 was Star Guardian Sorcerers. In the first couple of days, players thought the composition was the best in the game. Players realized that was not the case. However, with some sneaky buffs and substantial nerfs to the opposition. This comp may be for real in patch 10.7

First up is the nerf to four mystic. The Mystic trait has always been a thorn at any AP comps side. However, with 15 magic resist erased from the mystic trait, late-game sorcerers will have an easier time dealing the damage they need to win rounds.

The next issue for the star guardian sorcerer comp was the amount of damage in the meta that ignored a front line. Champions like Miss Fortune, Gangplank, and Aurelion Sol were absolute menaces to the Star Guardian Sorcerer comp. With all three of those champions seeing significant nerfs, a huge threat to the composition will be seeing less play.

Finally the buffs to some of the comps key units. Zoe has always been an afterthought in the composition. However she has one of the only forms of crowd control the composition had, she was and is very important. Not only that but she received a buff to both her damage and her mana making her better in both the early game and mid-game. The biggest buff though comes in one of the best damage dealers in the game with Vel’Koz. Vel’Koz did not need a damage buff but was in the need of a mana buff and that’s what Vel’Koz got. With his ability only needing 70 mana to activate instead of 80, Vel’koz will get its first ability off faster which will be enough to erase anything in its path.

The new galaxies also benefit this comp too. An early Vel’Koz works wonders for this comp. So does being able to make Vel’Koz into a level two unit immediately.

This comp may not be the best but it will definitely be good. Look for this comp on tier lists coming soon.

Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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