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TFT Patch Notes 10.24 Rundown – Top 3 Meta Predictions

The most anticipated patch of set four so far is finally here with bigger changes to the game than any other patch in a long time. Although this patch isn’t the mid-set update that players will be getting in the near future, the impact of this patch feels like it. Here are the top 3 predictions for TFT patch 10.24.

There will Not be a Reroll Meta

Diana, Scorn of the Moon - League of Legends

With the end of the 4-1 Casino finally, many players have voiced concerns that instead, the game will be moving to a reroll meta. The reason behind this is that players believe that the only thing holding reroll comps back so far was because the power spike of hitting a 4 cost chosen on level 7 was powerful enough to beat the reroll comps.

Now that the rolling odds for 4 cost chosen being nerfed into the ground on level 7, the fear is that there is no stopping the onslaught of the reroll meta. However, this is just not going to happen. While it is true that reroll comps are going to be better, everyone already knows that every reroll comps falls off a cliff in the late game. Tier five legendary units are more than capable of handling units like Diana, Lissandra, Yasuo, and other reroll threats. That will not change in patch 10.24.

Some players are suspecting that since it’s not really worth it to reroll on level 7, that players will roll a little on level 6 and then buy xp to level to 8 and roll then. This does two things. The first is that it stunts the reroll player power spike as players will have stronger boards on level 6 than in the past. Also the fast 8 allows for more chances for players to hit legendary units that can deal with the 3* tier one units. There should be no fear about a reroll metagame, except for one comp.

Except for Zed

TFT Patch Notes 10.24 Zed

Zed has emerged as the arguable best reroll comp in the game in recent weeks. Popularized by Team Liquid Open Qualifier winner AsianGamer5, the Zed comp doesn’t fall off like the other reroll comps do. This is because Zed scales very well into the late game. It’s because he gets stronger the longer he stays alive. He is capable of deleting even the most stacked comps. He also has the ability to drop aggro with the shade trait and gains an insane amount of stats thanks to the Ninja synergy.

The only flaw for Zed was that he needs very specific items to survive in the late game while still doing damage with Runan’s Hurricane, Rapid Fire Cannon, and Quicksilver Sash. Zed doesn’t need AD items because his ability steals the enemy’s AD. The only thing he needs is attack speed. The issue is that although he gets some attack speed from the items above, sometimes it’s not enough. With a little more attack speed, Zed would be broken. Guess what Riot is doing to Zed in patch 10.24?

Zed’s attack speed is getting buffed. As if he needed it. He was already good and borderline broken. Come patch 10.24, expect to see Zed at the top of the meta game.

Ashe is going to be Insane Again

High Noon Ashe Splashart : AsheMains

The other safe pick to be at the top of the metagame is Ashe. This is nothing new for Ashe as she has consistently been a top 3 carry unit since the start of set 4. Her ability and synergies essentially make her always good enough to be in the meta. Sometimes the other units she synergizes well with get some buffs that indirectly buff her to and that’s happening again in patch 10.24.

The first buff is to her Elderwood partner, Lulu. Lulu’s Wild Growth ability is getting a significant buff. Instead of the duration lasting six seconds, it now lasts until the end of the round. The only trade-off is that the initial knock up is getting nerfed by a half-second. That’s a small price to pay to have the super tankiness of the Wild Growth for the entire round.

The second buff is a potentially scarier one. Ashe’s Hunter buddy, Warwick is having his ability reworked. Warwick’s ability used to fear enemies when he secured a takedown which was fantastic. Now instead of fearing when he gets a takedown, he instead gives an attack speed steroid to all Hunter units for a duration. As if Ashe needed to attack even faster. Players might remember Jarvan and Xayah from set 3 who terrorized metagames for months. This could be the second coming only this time instead of having the combo be two tier-one units with a relatively low power ceiling, it’s on two-tier four capable units who never fall off.

Ashe will be the best comp in the game once again. Hopefully, this time around she and Warwick will have some competition so we don’t end up with Warweek two.

Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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