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Patch 10.2 Teamfight Tactics Predictions

TFT patch 10.2

Even though the 10.1 patch for TFT was massive, patch 10.2 has the chance to be meta defining as well.

With no new items or champions present this time around, patch 10.2 focuses purely on adjustments to traits, champions, and items. Which of these changes will have the biggest impact? Take a look at the three predictions to the meta game for patch 10.2.

Six Woodlands will be viable.

The Woodland trait has always been viable in set two and at times a little too viable, especially in the early game. After the nerfs to the infamous “eggroll” comp, the trait never had enough firepower to last in the late game.

In set two, Elemental Lux’s have played a critical role in creating additional power to many different traits, except Woodland. With the addition of the new six Woodland trait bonus, Lux will shine again.

The bonus, which duplicates ALL Woodland units, should prove to be very tempting to play. After all, having 13 units in play on level 7 (if Woodland Lux is found) would be pretty insane. Also, the fact that Lux by herself can carry the entire team is already intriguing enough, imagine having two of them. The druids provide a very good front line, especially when there are six of them.

The comp might not be the best, but expect to see Woodland constantly fighting for top four.


With the attack speed nerf to Olaf, players might be quick to signal the demise of the popular Berserker comp. However, the rest of the patch 10.2 notes actually benefits them.

First take a look at the item changes. Bloodthirster and Rageblade were the original carry items put on Olaf when the set first released. In patch 10.2, Bloodthirster got a significant buff, 50% life steal up from 40%, and so did Rageblade (5% attack speed increase from 4%). More flexibility for Olaf items is never a bad thing.

Secondly, another Berserker also received a buff that might be more significant than first realized. Sion saw a buff to his starting mana from 50 to 75. This could prove to be a pretty big deal as it allows Sion to cast his ability in two fewer auto attacks and as many players know, Sion’s ability is critical to buy time for Olaf to cast his own ability to carry fights.

Finally, the comp that hard counters Berserkers, Sivir and friends, seems to be on its way out. With significant nerfs to Sivir in the form of Ricochet doing half of the original bounces, the composition lost a lot of power. Additionally, the Blademaster portion of the comp also saw a significant nerf to how the bonus attacks work. Blademasters can no longer store additional attacks if the bonus attack chance hits. Use it or lose it. Also, the bonus attack chance was nerfed by 5% too.

With no hard counter currently in the meta, Berserkers might still be a comp that wins lobbies constantly.

Kindred hyper carry will be the undisputed best comp.

The combination of Infinity Edge and Jeweled Gauntlet has seen a very big increase in popularity due to the massive damage the combination produces. The combination would be especially deadly in an Inferno comp that benefits from critical strikes. Kindred seems like the perfect champion for these items due to being an Inferno but why hasn’t anyone been building these on her?

The biggest change in patch 10.2 isn’t actually a nerf or buff, its a bug fix. Kindred’s ability for the longest time would not be able crit even if equipped with Jeweled Gauntlet. Now that she can due to the bug fix, there is no one in her way that she cant one-shot. Even if she doesn’t one-shot, the inferno tick should clean up the enemy.

As if players needed another reason to play Kindred hyper carry, both Shadow and Inferno also received buffs. Six Inferno now do 10% extra damage and six Shadow do 15% extra damage. The Shadow trait also now has an extra second of bonus damage duration too.

Whether Kindred hyper carry is played in a Shadow summoner composition (Malzahar got buffed too) or a six Inferno composition, expect to see this composition winning a lot in patch 10.2

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