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TFT Patch 10.10 Notes

With patches every couple of weeks, TFT players need to make sure that they are keeping up with all of the changes. Some are extremely important and can change the Meta immensely, while others likely won’t. Because of that, there is only the need to be aware of the most important changes. That is why these Patch Notes will be condensed to make sure that players only have to pay attention to what is important. Here are the condensed Patch Notes for 10.10. For the full Patch Notes, click here.

New Galaxy

Galactic Armory: All players start with the same 2 full items.

Galaxy Odds

Galactic Armory – 12.5% of games

The Neekoverse – 7.5% of games

Lilac Nebula – 7.5% of games

Medium Legends – 7.5% of games

Superdense Galaxy – 7.5% of games

Trade Sector – 10% of games

Treasure Trove – 10% of games

Star Cluster –  7.5% of games

Normal Game – 30% of games

Galaxy Changes

Superdense Galaxy: Now grants a free Force of Nature after the stage 3 carousel, rather than upon reaching level 5.

General Game Notes

  • There will be a message saying that a player can’t use Neeko’s Help if there aren’t any units left of that type.
  • They reduced the chances of random full item carousels significantly.
  • Item drops will appear more often during the early stages of the game.

Trait Changes

Mech Pilot Attack Damage: 100% of Pilots’ Attack Damage⇒ 80 + 45% of Pilots Attack Damage

Infiltrators now jump regardless if there is a target within their Attack Range on start of combat.

Rebel Bonus Damage: 10%/12%/15% ⇒ 10%/15%/20%

Space Pirate (4) Item Drop Chance: 20% ⇒ 25%

Champion Changes

1 Cost

Poppy Buckler Toss Damage: 100/175/250 ⇒ 100/150/200

Poppy Buckler Toss Shield: 200/350/500 ⇒ 200/300/400

Twisted Fate Wild Cards Damage (per card): 200/300/550 ⇒ 200/300/450

Xayah AD: 55 ⇒ 50

2 Cost

Yasuo Health: 600 ⇒ 700

Yasuo Total Mana: 100 ⇒ 90

3 Cost

Karma Attack Speed Bonus on Shield: 35%/50%/100% ⇒ 50%/75%/125%

Syndra Unleashed Power Damage (per orb): 80/120/200 ⇒ 100/150/250

4 Cost

Vel’Koz Spell Damage: 425/550/2000 ⇒ 450/600/2000

WuKong Cyclone Targeting: now prioritizes hitting the closest enemy he hasn’t hit yet rather than a random one.

5 Cost

None this time.

Item Changes

Chalice of Harmony Mana Restore: 10 &Arr; 8

Deathblade Starting Stacks: 0 ⇒ 1

Deathblade now displays the amount of Attack Damage gained rather than stacks

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