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TFT Meta Snapshot/Tier List 10.25 Week One – “Turn to Dusk”

Hello, we are back with the 10.25 Teamfight Tactics patch update and with it an updated tier list. The meta hasn’t really changed in terms of what comps are viable but what has changed is the understanding of how to approach the game. Comps are pretty much split into two categories. Comps that go deep into synergy branches and comps that rush level nine for legendary units. Need to know which comps are better? Here is the week one TFT 10.25 patch Tier List/Meta Snapshot.

S-Tier: Comps that will almost always top four/very likely win

Dusk Riven (with Legendaries)

Last Week Position: A-Tier

The meta comps themselves haven’t drastically changed over the last couple of weeks but the meta game has. More meaning how players approach the game. With the Chosen reroll odds basically eliminating the reliance of tier four chosen units, comps have been divided into two categories, players have comps that they go deep into a trait and play like Elderwood and Divine and they have comps that use a core and push for level 9 to throw in has many legendries as possible. The consensus is that legendary units make for the strongest comp and Dusk makes for the strongest core.

It’s been said many times, the Dusk trait not only benefits this type of comp better than all the other traits due to the spell power boost, the Dusk units by themselves are very good. Riven is a very strong pseudo-carry that can deal damage while stalling for the other carries to pop off. Cass has one of the strongest CC abilities in the game and can shut down entire teams with correct positioning. Thresh is a nice early to mid game tank that does okay in the late game, Vayne is a nice partner to Jhin who is usually in these comps, and Lillia, although a little underwhelming for a legendary unit, as a very powerful CC tool too.

With the metagame heading in this direction, expect to see Dusk at the top of the tier list for a while.

A-Tier: Comps that will likely top four/can win any lobby


Warwick TFT 10.24

Last Week Position: S-Tier

It’s known that Dusk is the best comp in the game due to the nature of favoring legendary units, but Warwick has a strong case of being the best comp in the game from the opposite side of the spectrum despite getting nerfed.

In patch 10.25, the Divine trait, as well as Warwick, was taken down a notch in terms of survivability but the thing they didn’t change was the damage. Warwick is still as deadly as ever. Thanks to the insane damage output Warwick does once he gets ramped up, the survivability hardly matters because Warwick can simply tear through teams faster than they can tear through Warwick. Perhaps another round of Survivability nerfs can put Warwick in his place. But maybe that won’t be needed as the Legendary units can do that too.


Warlords TFT meta 10.24

Last Week Position: A-Tier

One of the newer staples of the meta game has been Warlords. With nerfs to Warwick in patch 10.25 and buffs to Xin Zhao, this comp was poised to take the meta by storm. That hasn’t happened but this comp is still very strong and is a threat to the best of them. Like Warwick, this comp is on the side of the meta game where players want to go deep into the Warlord trait as possible. Unfortunately, to hit the chase trait players will need a Warlord spat as well as a chosen Warlord.

If a player cant find those then this comp is just a weaker version of the Dusk. Meaning the comp turns into 6 Warlord units plus as many legendary units as possible. However, if a player can hit the 9 Warlord chase trait, then Katarina and Xin Zhao with great items are able to carry this comp to victory even against Dusk. The bonus benefit is that the Warlord spat can be used on a Legendary unit as well.

Ashe (Elderwood and Adept)

TFT 10.22 Ashe Adept

Last Week Position: B-Tier

It’s been a little while since Ashe was in the spotlight. After some nerfs to her damage and survivability, she was simply not strong enough to last long enough to carry fights by herself. However, in patch 10.25, the Elderwood trait got some much-needed buffs in the survivability department.

With the changes, Ashe is now able to carry fights easier due to her increased tank stats as well as her Elderwood allies. Ashe has always had the damage to carry fights just not enough time. She still is not as good as she used to be but now she has definitely regained a seat at the top tier carry table.

B-Tier: Comps that most likely top four but need help to win lobbies

6 Keepers

Keepers TFT 10.24

Last Week Position: B-Tier

For players that have Dusk units but also have a Keeper chosen, this comp is for them. The idea here is still the same, surround Kennan with the other 5 Dusk units and hope he can do enough damage and cast enough to melt entire teams. With the Keeper shields, Kennen will definitely live for a long time and the other Keeper units provide a good mix of damage and CC too.

Unfortunately even at 3* Kennen still kinda lacks in the damage department especially late game. In the early and mid-game Kennen is a beast of a unit but late game he’s going to need some help. Riven and Jhin are very good at being Kennen’s back up crew. A well itemized Jhin and Riven should have a lot of time to finish off anyone who Kennen cant but even then it’s not a guarantee. This comp most likely needs to end up hitting level nine and adding a powerful legendary unit or two to secure wins instead of just safe top fours.


9 Cultist TFT Meta Snapshot

Last Week Position: B-Tier

The poor mans Dusk comp. However, unlike Dusk, playing the Cultist comp as a comp by itself instead of a core is a pretty good backup plan if players cant realistically push level nine. Supreme Overlord Galio is a very good payoff for hitting 9 cultists and his weaker versions are pretty good in the early and mid-game thanks to his well-timed CC ability as well as his tankiness and damage output.

The Cultist trait suffers from a double-edged sword though. On one hand, almost all the Cultist units are fantastic by themselves. But they are also all from different classes than each other. This means that if one wants to run 9 Cultists, they can’t really play any other synergies with it. Synergies are important for comps that don’t just simply throw in a bunch of legendary units. Since going 9 Cultists isn’t that, the lack of synergies will eventually catch of with this comp which makes it hard to win lobbies.

However, going 3 or 6 Cultists with the rest of the units being legendary units is a good idea too. Although at that point one should just be playing the Dusk core instead of this one.

Honorable Mentions: Comps that should be noted


Last Week Position: HM

Still, in the same spot as last week, Ahri is still a good choice if a player can find her on a level 7 or 8 roll down. The idea is still simple, buy enough time for her as possible with the help of Vanguard and Mystic units. If one has Ahri items but can’t find a 2* Ahri, Veigar might be a good alternative especially if they want to go further into the mage branch.

Moonlight Reroll

Last Week Position: HM

Moonlight Reroll although in a shell of its former self is still definitely playable if an early Moonlight Chosen shows up. Lissandra and Diana are still more than capable of being a fantastic carry into the mid to late game. In patch 10.25, Aphelios has emerged as a third possible Moonlight carry. The jury is still out on whether this comp can contend with the best but keep an eye out for this one.


Last Week Position: HM

After the hotfix put him in his place, Zed hasn’t really been the same but he’s still pretty good. He still plays the same way, find Zed items, find the four ninjas and try to get him to 3*. However at this point if one has Zed items they should probably consider Warwick instead. But if one can find a Chosen Zed, this comp is still worth running.

Duelist Yasuo

Last Week Position: HM


Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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