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TFT Meta Snapshot/Tier List 10.23 – “Culture Shock”

Back again with an early edition of the weekly tier list/meta snapshot. This week there are surprisingly some new faces and some returning ones but the overall meta has been solidified for a while now. Without further ado here is the final tier list of the 4-1 Casino meta. This is the week two patch 10.23 TFT Meta Snapshot/Tier List.

TFT TIer List 10.23

S-Tier: Comps that will almost always top four/very likely win

Enlightened Talon


TFT 10.21 - Talon

Last Week Position: S-Tier

For hopefully final week of the 4-1 Casino, the king of the current meta will once again take the final spot. Even though he has been nerfed, Talon remains the best carry unit in the entire game thanks to his unreal damage output and his elusiveness. The Enlightened Assassin is capable of killing any unit in the game and thanks to his “nerf” that reworks his targeting mechanic, he can now kill all the units in the correct order.

Even tanks with heavy armor items stand no match to this comp because Talon has an elite supporting cast. Morgana with Morellos makes healing impossible, Lux low-key has the most broken CC ability in the game and Yone is probably right behind her.

Dusk Riven

TFT TIer List Riven

Last Week Position: S-Tier

The only comp that can really stand up to Talon is Dusk Riven but it’s not so much the Riven part as it is the Dusk part. Riven is still one of the premier carry units in the game and Bramble Vest goes a long way at making sure she cant die easily. But the real reason why this comp is good is that the dusk units are a perfect core to push level nine with.

At level nine add in a bunch of Legendary units like Azir, Kayn, and Yone to do the heavy lifting thanks to the spell boost from the Dusk trait. Jhin is also a fantastic carry option as well as he pairs nicely with Vayne and can be part of a cheeky 3 Cultist synergy package that can be splashed in. This is all possible without a Dusk spat but if one is found, then this comp is actually scarier than Talon. There has also been word of a six keeper variation of this comp that may grow in popularity in the coming days.

A-Tier: Comps that will likely top four/can win any lobby

Ashe (Elderwood and Adept)

TFT 10.22 Ashe Adept

Last Week Position: A-Tier

Ashe is the one unit that might be nerf-proof. Even though she is more of a glass cannon now, Ashe is still one of the best carry units out there. She does need to rely on her team more than before. But even then she is still more than capable of being a solo carry unit. Pretty much every damage item in the game is a great choice on Ashe. The Elderwood trait gives Ashe the tankiness she lost in the 10.23 patch and although the Hunter trait got hit, it still packs a serious punch. This comp is not a free win even with a Chosen Ashe, but it can still win any lobby if players can find key legendary unit upgrades in the late game, Elderwood Spat is also a godsend for this comp.


9 Cultist TFT Meta

Last Week Position: HM

In last week’s tier list, this comp was mentioned to be one that has the potential of shaking up the meta game and it sure has. Cultists have been seen everywhere on the ladder recently as the buffs to Galio have seemed to finally pay off. The most common version of Cultists is the one that goes for the 9 Cultist chase synergy seeing as that’s the one where Galio got the most significant buffs.

Now that Supreme Overlord Galio cannot be CC’d at the beginning of the fight, he’s capable of cleaning up late-game teamfights by himself. The reason why this comp is not S-tier is that the 9 Cultist version does fall off in the super late game. Even though 9 Cultists might be one of the best comps at securing top fours, it still lacks some punch due to having literally zero other synergies online and zero true carry units besides a Jhin without other Sharpshooters.

The variant of this comp that sees a majority of success is one that keeps in 6 Cultists and replaces the other ones with legendary units like Kayn, Yone, and Azir. However, if a player can get a hold of Force of Nature which can allow players to run 9 Cultsts as well as other legendary units, then both variants are more than capable of winning any lobby.


B-Tier: Comps that most likely top four but need help to win lobbies


TFT Meta Zed

Last Week Position: NEW

Popularized by the Team Liquid Open Qualifier winner, AsianGamer5, Zed carry has returned. This comp is pretty simple, collect all the Ninja units and add in some units to fill in synergies and that’s it, the Zed comp.

How this comp works is that players want to find a 3* Zed (preferably Chosen) with Rapid Fire Cannon and Runan’s Hurricane. This combined with Zeke’s Herald on a unit like Akali makes it so that Zed is able to ramp up and kill the entire enemy team two units at a time while constantly being away from the action and dipping in and out of shadows to dodge agro with the Shade trait.

The Ninja buff gives him a massive amount of stats to be able to do this even as a tier two unit. The hard part is hitting Zed 3* quick enough to power spike before dying and the other hard part is not finding a Chosen Zed. Items are also very important. AsianGamer5 has said that playing this comp without Zeke’s Herald is a struggle. But if a player can find the right pieces at the right time, this comp can steamroll anyone.

Diana Reroll

TFT Meta 10 Diana

Last Week Position: A-Tier

Kind of similar to the Zed comp, Diana can steamroll almost any comp but it needs the right unit with the right items at the right time. A Chosen Diana 4* is capable of ripping apart enemy teams throughout most of the game but she falls off hard in the super late game around stage 5-4. At that point, she is not able to one-shot units and is very susceptible to CC and other carry units killing her before she kills them.

The strength of this comp relies on power spiking early enough to chunk enemies for big parts of their HP while the player’s own HP stays high. This eventually puts players in a position where everyone is low enough to knock each other out while one simply bleeds out less than they do.

Honorable Mentions: Comps that should be noted

Duelist Yasuo

Last Week Position: HM

This comp has not changed at all. Six Duelists attack very fast and Yasuo does a lot of damage. Lee Sin does a lot of kicks, and Kalista throws a lot of spears. Attempt to power spike before everyone else and bleed out less than them.

Enlightened Nami (Bubble Bobble)

Last Week Position: HM

There is no better combo in the game than Nami and Luden’s Echo. There is no beating that combination until at least stage 3-5. At that point hopefully one can push levels to throw in a bunch of legendary units and watch Nami who once killed enemies by just looking at them become a CC bot who just tickles enemy tanks.


Last Week Position: NEW

Thanks to her prevalence in the Giant Slayer NA Qualifier, Ahri may be on the rise again. The comp plays the same as it always has. Throw in a bunch of Vanguards and Mystics and hope Ahri can one-shot entire teams. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. If the meta starts to say that it works more than it doesn’t, then Ahri will rise up the tier list again.

Fallen Off: Sharpshooters, Warlords

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