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TFT Meta Snapshot/Tier List 10.23 – “Another one buys the Dusk”

The 4-1 Casino meta has finally entered its last patch but unfortunately the meta is still relatively the same and probably will stay that way for the next two weeks. Here is this week’s TFT Meta Snapshot/Tier List for Patch 10.23

TFT TIer List 10.23

S-Tier: Comps that will almost always top four/very likely win

Enlightened Talon

TFT 10.21 - Talon

Last Week Position: S-Tier

In the patch notes, Talon received some changes that seemed significant. The hopes were to take him down a notch, but that didn’t happen. In fact, to some people, the changes buffed him. Instead of jumping to the target that has done the most damage, when Talon resets now, he jumps the the target with the least amount of Armor. What this means is that no longer will Talon ever get stuck on a unit with a ton of Armor or G.A while the enemy carry kills him. With this change, he will essentially save the tanks for last, at which point it’s not an issue if he is stuck on the very last unit.

Besides that, the comp is pretty much the same. Dazzler is still fantastic and Adept is still really good.

Dusk Riven

TFT Riven

Last Week Position: A-Tier

One of the few changes to the meta game has been the resurgence of Dusk. Players started to see this at the tail end of patch 10.22 but with some nerfs to Ahri and Ashe, Dusk as leaped into S-Tier as one of the premier comps to play in the current Casino meta. The idea is still pretty simple. Slap a ton of defensive items on Riven, hit some Dusk units, then push for a supporting cast of Jhin and legendary units. The extra spell damage comes in handy and a Dusk spat can make any Legendary unit insanely strong. This super flexible comp can definitely give Talon a run for his money.

A-Tier: Comps that will likely top four/can win any lobby

Ashe (Elderwood and Adept)

TFT 10.22 Ashe Adept

Last Week Position: S-Tier

Even though Ashe got some pretty decent nerfs to here survivability, she is still a fantastic carry option in patch 10.23. She can still do what she always did but its just harder to do. On top of her being more squishy, she also lost some damage from the Hunter trait nerf as well. However, even with that said, she is still capable of carrying but will need optimal items now to do it.

With the changes, there has been a divide on what is better between the Adept/Hunter focused build’s or the classic Elderwood Brawler one. In the past, each of these helped with Ashe’s strengths but due to the nerfs, these builds just simply help her replace what she just lost. If players have a hard time keeping Ashe alive, perhaps Elderwood is better. If players see Ashe lacking in damage, then going deep into the Hunter trait can help out.

Diana Reroll

TFT TIer List Diana2

Last Week Position: S-TIer

Diana was not touched in the patch notes and neither were the core units either. However, she has dropped to A-Tier due to the rise of Riven and Dusk. Diana thrives on picking off backline carries like Ashe and Ahri but struggles against heavy tank compositions like Dusk. Also the more legendary units in a comp the worse it is for Diana as Legendary units simply out scale Diana. She is still a fantastic option if a player finds a Chosen Moonlight Diana but those players need to hit their spike quickly to win the lobby.

B-Tier: Comps that most likely top four but need help to win lobbies


TFT Meta 10.22 Sharp

Last Week Position: B-Tier

Some comps never seem to change or seem to move. Sharpshooters are one of those comps. The comp is still the same as its always been. Hit a sharpshooter Chosen, throw in all the Sharpshooters, and watch teams get CC’d to death while Jhin picks everyone off. This comp has started to see more player overtime due to being the easiest comp to transition into when greeding with the Fortune trait. This comp is a safe bet to hit top four, but unless one of the Chosen units is a Jinx or Jhin, don’t expect to win many lobbies.

Honorable Mentions: Comps that should be noted

Duelist Yasuo

Last Week Position: HM

There has been enough said about Yasuo as his home is always in this tier. Chosen Yasuo, throw good items onto him, and have Kalista be the secondary carry. Lee Sin, Jax and Xin Zhao all provide a good front line to let the carries do work.

Warlords (Katarina Carry)

Last Week Position: HM

The rework to Xin Zhao was one that was expected to make this comp jump in the tier list but has not lived up the the expectation. Regardless, this comp is still pretty good but requires some high rolling and a Warlord spat to win lobbies.

Enlightened Nami (Bubble Bobble)

Last Week Position: HM

Luden’s Echo should be renamed to Nami’s Echo at this point as there will probably never be a unit who can use the item better than she can. The plan is very simple with this comp, hit a Chosen Nami, throw a couple of Luden’s Echo’s on her and never drop around until stage four where you hope you can bleed out less than your lobby.

9 Cultists

Last Week Position: NEW

A comp on the cusp of greatness. The true mech-pilot comp of this set is finally starting to turn heads. A lot of work has gone down behind the scenes to try to make this comp more than just an early game pivot option. With Galio being bigger and badder than ever while also ignoring CC, this comp is slowly coming around and wrecking lobbies. In a meta of rolling down on the 4-1 Casino, this comp stands the greatest chance at breaking the mold.

Dropped out: Ahri


Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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