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TFT Meta Snapshot/Tier List 10.22 Week Two – “Night Hunter”

With Patch 10.22 coming to a close soon, the meta game has been stabilized for a while now however, one comp has shot up the tier list over the course of the last few days. Besides that, this weeks list is going to look a lot like lasts week. Here is the TFT patch 10.22 Tier List for week two.

For returning comps the descriptions will be shorter than comps that are new. For more detailed descriptions of returning comps, a link to the previous tier list will be linked for them below. Check back every Monday for new lists.

TFT MEta tier list 10.22 week two

S-Tier: Comps that will almost always top four/very likely win

Adept Hunter

TFT 10.22 Ashe Adept

Last Week Position: S-Tier

Ashe has been the undisputed queen of carries in patch 10.22 thanks to her insane damage output and being the best solo carry unit in the game. She is allowed to excel at being a solo carry thanks to the Hunter synergy which essentially doubles her damage output every couple of seconds. The Adept frontline makes the enemy carries attack slow while the Dazzler backline makes it so if they do attack, it wont hit hard. As long as Ashe as some sort of sustain in her item build and/or defense, she will win most if not all lobbies.

Enlightened Talon

TFT 10.21 - Talon

Last Week Position: S-Tier

Essentially a more flashy but risky Ashe comp, this comp trades out Ashe as the main solo carry for Talon. The benefit of Talon is that he is able to skip the frontline and get right onto the backline carries. Also while Adept is somewhat crippling to Ashe comps, Talon doesn’t really care about the Adept debuff due to him being able to reset his ability with only one takedown and the Enlightened trait making it easier to hit his ability even through the attack speed slow. Morgana is also amazing in this comp due to softening up enemies for Talon takedowns. The issue is when Talon jumps into the middle of the chaos and sometimes that is a death sentence whereas, with Ashe, she can fire away safely from afar. This comp is still S-tier thanks to having the second-best carry unit in the game.

Diana Reroll

TFT TIer List Diana2

Last Week Position: B-Tier

The only real movement from last week’s tier list and this week’s tier list is the resurgence of Moonlight into the metagame. Long gone are the days of Aphelios carry but Diana is insane. Last week it was said that Diana is very strong early through mid-game but falls off late. However, she doesn’t fall off as hard as one might expect from a tier-one unit. With optimal itemization, Diana hardly falls off at all. Having a Gunblade/Hand of Justice and a Titan’s Resolve, Ashe and Talon pretty much can’t kill her. In the current metagame, Diana is very strong against the other top tier comps and is super favored against them due to how tanky she is as well as how much damage she can dish out. The only problem is that this comp requires a chosen Moonlight Diana and if a player struggles to hit Diana and Lissandra 3* quickly, they will never truly spike and will just bleed out. If a player does hit though, this comp is the strongest in the game.

A-Tier: Comps that will likely top four/can win any lobby

Elderwood Ashe

TFT Tier List Ashe2

Last Week Position: A-Tier

The inferior Ashe build is still strong but just like last week, it’s not optimal. If a player does find an Elderwood Chosen Ashe and/or an Elderwood Spat item to throw onto Sett or Warwick, then this comp can hang with the best. Unfortunately, raw stats don’t really help in this metagame and having synergy bots takes away valuable spots that can be used for high impact units. Thankfully a Sett 2* with an Elderwood Spat doesn’t really carry about high impact units as he will be able to tank all of their damage and half shot the entire enemy team making way for Ashe to clean up with ease.

Dusk Riven

TFT Meta 10.22 Riven

Last Week Position: A-Tier

A comp that is making moves in the metagame is on the cusp of S-Tier but it’s just not there yet. Dusk Riven is an insane carry threat but she really can’t do it alone unlike Talon and Ashe. Jhin is a fantastic second carry but even then that might not be enough. Where this comp thrives is in the Dusk synergy itself. Giving the team a nice spell damage boost allows for the Dusk trait to be a perfect core to fit in flexible units. On level 9, surrounding Riven and the rest of the Dusk core with powerful tier five units is this comp’s win condition. There is also the win condition of hitting Riven or Jhin 3*.

B-Tier: Comps that most likely top four but need help to win lobbies


TFT Meta 10.22 Sharp

Last Week Position: B-Tier

One of the most annoying comps to play against has to be the Sharpshooter comp. Although it’s not as good as it once was, if a player high rolls early enough, they can steal lobbies even against the higher-rated comps. This comp doesn’t really need 3* units to win as long as they can push levels fast enough. This is thanks to the sheer amount of chaos the six Sharpshooter buff gives. Jinx stuns half the team while Teemo blinds the other. That’s where Jhin comes in and mops up the remaining health bars until there is nothing left. Fights involving this comp end very quickly. Either the Sharpshooters blow up the entire team in a second, or the enemy team blows up them. A great top four comp even without 3* carry units like Jinx or Teemo. If a player does hit them, then this comp can hang with the best.

Vanguard Mystic Ahri

TFT Meta 10.,22 AHri

Last Week Position: A-Tier

A forgotten relic of the past meta game. Ahri used to do amazing things. Essentially Gangplank from set three but with range, Ahri used to be able to one-shot enemy teams without fail. But with substantial nerfs to her, Ahri can no longer do that without a little bit of luck. While the days of Jeweled Gauntlet and crit items on Ahri are numbered, Deathcap has been buffed recently and is a solid option on the Spirit Mage. However, she now more than ever needs to cast multiple times in a fight to win. Vanguards and Mystics are still the best bet for her but unless a player hits Ahri 3* or can buy enough time for Ahri to cast a few times, this comp won’t win lobbies. Also Adept is crippling to Ahri due to her high mana cost. Perhaps in the next patch, Ahri will return.

Honorable Mentions: Comps that should be noted

Duelist Yasuo

Last Week Position: HM

Still the same ole story with Yasuo. Hit Yasuo Chosen, put good items on him. and delete enemy teams in the early game hard enough so they bleed out faster than you in the late game. With a Xin Zhao rework coming in the next patch, perhaps Duelists will have a new carry threat.

Warlords (Katarina Carry)

Last Week Position: HM

Warlords have been one of the quieter comps to infiltrate the meta game as of late and they still remain under the radar. The carry is still on Katarina but a Warlord Spat makes Katarina’s job so much easier. This comp, like Duelists, may be receiving a significant buff next patch with the introduction of the Xin Zhao rework which gives these comps a new carry threat

Enlightened Nami (Bubble Bobble)

Last Week Position: HM

Still, the most annoying comp to play against, Bubble Bobble is a menace in the early and mid game and it’s practically unbeatable until stage 4 thanks to how Luden’s Echo works with Nami. However, this comp falls off a cliff in the late game. Essentially players just have to hope they power spike super hard early so they can bleed out slower than the rest of the lobby. This comp rarely wins lobbies but is an almost virtual lock to top four.

Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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