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TFT Meta Snapshot/Tier List 10.22 Week One – “Hunt or be Hunted”

After a very shaky beginning to the 10.22 patch with the “accidental” buff to Morgana and a hot fix to revert it, the meta is in a very good spot. Ten comps line up this week’s tier list which includes some new comps as well. Here’s this week’s TFT Meta Snapshot.

For returning comps the descriptions will be shorter than comps that are new. For more detailed descriptions of returning comps, a link to the previous tier list will be linked for them below. Check back every Monday for new lists.

TFT Meta 10.22 Tier list

S-Tier: Comps that will almost always top four/very likely win

Adept Hunter

TFT Meta Hunter

Last Week Position: NEW

One of two new comps appearing on this week’s this tier list is also the top comp in the current meta game. This comp is a variation of Ashe but simplifies the game state into dealing more damage faster and reducing the opponent’s damage by making them slower. In this comp, there’s no Brawler or Elderwood frontline, it’s just Adept units.

The Adept units provide something that Elderwood and Brawlers don’t have. They provide a huge debuff to the enemy team by making them attack slower for a duration at the start of the round. Essentially the Adept trait is a giant frozen heart. This is inherently better than just raw stats that the Elderwoods and the Brawlers give. Also, going this route leaves a lot of room for flexibility since there is no need for synergy bots. All three adept units are fantastic on their own. With all the extra room, players have elected to add more Hunters to provide more damage. In previous Ashe comps, all the damage came from Ashe and while most of the damage will still come from her, Kindred and Warwick can help out. Yone is also a fantastic carry option similarly to how Sett and Ezreal were in previous versions.

Enlightened Talon

TFT 10.21 - Talon

Last Week Position: B-Tier

The comp behind the infamous hotfix that not even Warwick received. Don’t get it twisted though, this comp even after the hotfix is still one of, if not the best in the game. Enlightened Talon is just that good. Morgana may have received the hotfix but the star of the show has always been Talon.

Talon’s flaws in previous meta games were that he simply couldn’t kill Vanguard frontlines fast enough but with Ahri getting nerfed along with most other comps. Talon is now in a prime position to dominate. In the current meta game, players have started to pick up Adept frontlines to counteract comps like Sharpshooters and Hunters but since Talon only needs to auto-attack a couple of times to start the chain of kills, this type of frontline is worthless against this comp. But the frontline in this comp is fantastic as the only real counters to Talon are a backline that can pick up a takedown then shift focus onto the Talon before he pops off.

Morgana is still very strong and the Dazzler debuff is still bonkers. Like in other Adept builds, Yone is a fantastic carry option in this comp as well.

A-Tier: Comps that will likely top four/can win any lobby

Elderwood Ashe

TFT Tier List Ashe2

Last Week Position: A-Tier

A victim of a better variation, Elderwood Ashe may not be in S-tier this patch but it’s still a great alternative to the Adept focused variation. This comp still does what it always did, use the Elderwood units to buy enough time for Ashe to solo the entire enemy team. Sett received a damage buff and Ezreal got a mana buff. They will let them help Ashe out easier than before.

Dusk Riven

TFT Meta 10.22 Riven

Last Week Position: NEW

After a hiatus, Riven is back and she’s in a fantastic spot to boot. After the reign of Static Shiv being pretty much over, having shields again is not that bad of a tactic, thus Riven can thrive. With Talon running around, Bramble Vest is one of the best items in the game and Riven is arguably its best user. The playstyle of this comp is exactly like it was before Riven went on break. Throw in Dusk units and have the super disruptive frontline buy time for Riven and Jhin to kill everything in sight.

Vanguard Mystic Ahri

TFT Meta 10.,22 AHri

Last Week Position: S-Tier

Down but not out, Ahri may be a shell of her old self but she is still capable of one shotting entire teams. The focus is still on buying as much time as possible for Ahri to cast her Spirit Bomb in the hopes that it blows up the entire enemy board. With the nerf’s to Jeweled Gauntlet and Ahri herself, it’s more important now more than ever to have optimal items. Ahri NEEDS to crit to have a chance at one shotting boards and if she doesn’t she will have a hard time. Thankfully the units in this comp are the best in the game at buying time. With the right item optimization, this comp can still hang with the best. Hit Ahri 3* and it is still the best.

B-Tier: Comps that most likely top four but need help to win lobbies

Diana Reroll

TFT TIer List Diana2

Last Week Position: B-Tier

One of the more volatile comps in the game is Diana Reroll. This comp in any given lobby can steamroll into a first-place finish or barely edge out a top four. The key of this comp is to find Diana early enough and with the right items. The comp is pretty straightforward though. Find a Diana chosen, get her and Lissandra to 3* and finally throw in a bunch of Assassins and watch her face tank everyone and kill everything in the process.

The issue with this comp is that it falls off hard late game as Diana will fail to kill other power spiked comps in stages five and six. However, if a player can hit this comp and spike early enough, Diana players can essentially bleed out slower than the rest of the lobby. It’s a race against time with this comp but its still a good comp to run if a Diana chosen shows up


TFT Meta 10.22 Sharp

Last Week Position: S-Tier

Sharpshooters received some nerfs but the comp is still alive and well. The game plan is still the same, hit a Sharpshooter chosen, throw in good damage items and watch enemy teams disappear as an explosion of projectiles fill the screen for the entire round. Hitting upgrades is critical in this comp and adept is very strong against it too but if a player can manage to 3* their main carry which could actually be almost any of the Sharpshooters then this comp can still win against anyone.

Honorable Mentions: Comps that should be noted

Duelist Yasuo

Last Week Position: HM

Yasuo is still home in the HM category. Although the statistics show he’s among the best comps in the game, the meta itself isn’t very kind to him. Adept makes this comp weaker and Yone being contested now is painful for Yasuo as well. However, just like Diana if this comp can spike faster than everyone else they can beat the clock and bleed out slower than the rest of the lobby.

Warlords (Katarina Carry)

Last Week Position: HM

Warlords is probably the most underrated comp in the game at the moment and could see itself shoot up the tier list in the coming patch. This comp still relies on Katarina 3* with perfect items to do the heavy lifting. The rest of the Warlord units may not be the best in their secondary traits but they are all pretty decent. Azir especially is a fantastic late-game carry option for the comp. Where this comp shines is when a spat is thrown into the mix. Many units with a Warlord spat are busted. Sett, Yone, Kayn, pretty much any tier five-unit with a Warlord spat is insane. If a player manages to hit 9 Warlords then this comp can hang with anyone.

Enlightened Nami (Bubble Bobble)

Last Week Position: HM

Still the most frustrating comp to play against in the early to mid-game is bubble bobble. This comp can just simply chain CC an entire team to death thanks to Luden’s Echo being insane on Nami. This comp spikes extremely early but like almost every reroll comp, it falls off hard in the late game.

Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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