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TFT Meta Snapshot/Tier List 10.21 WarWeek One – “Divine Intervention”

This weeks tier list will be a little different than others. Due to the nature of the current meta game, this tier list will include the menace that is Divine Warwick as the lone S-Tier with several comps in Honorable Mention. The comps in HM are essentially waiting in the wings until a hot fix comes to fix Warwick on Wednesday. The comps are not super viable but are ok alternatives to Warwick if a player cant hit the right items or units. Once that Hotfix comes, the comps in HM will surely be meta comps in next weeks tier list. Without further ado, here is the TFT Meta Snapshot 10.21.

For returning comps the descriptions will be shorter than comps that are new. For more detailed descriptions of returning comps, a link to the previous tier list will be linked for them below. Check back every Monday for new lists.

TFT TIer list

S-Tier: Comps that will almost always top four/very likely win

Divine Warwick


Last Week Position: N/A

Reminiscent of some of TFT’s past meta games, this week there is only one viable comp. Simply put, if players are not playing Divine Warwick, they are most likely not winning and not making top four. There are exceptions sure, but this is the comp that players should be forcing every game.

The reason is pretty simple. The Divine trait got reworked in this patch. Instead of ascending and taking 25% reduced damage and dealing a percentage of extra true damage for the rest of combat, the Divine units now just wont die. That’s because with the rework, when a Divine unit swings six times or goes below 50% health, they take an insane 50% less damage and do 50% true damage for a few seconds depending on the amount of Divine units on the board. This is an insane buff as 50% damage reduction makes it so the Divine units live a lot longer and the few second “nerf” to the ascension doesn’t mean much as fights will be decided in that timeframe anyways. Also every Divine unit, that can now no longer die, has some form of hard CC which is critical for the buffs to Static Shiv.

Static Shiv is the main reason why this comp is so deadly. Essentially how this comp works is that while every divine unit throws out a ton of CC. Warwick ramps up and starts attacking really really fast. When Warwick casts his ability, he gains a ton of attack speed and a ton of life steal he also gets CC of his own with a fear that activates when he kills a unit. This is where Static Shiv comes to play. Static Shiv got a massive buff in this patch too. Previously Static Shiv used to do 85 damage base and an additional 85 damage to units that were shielded or CC’d. That bonus damage is now 175, which is more than double what the old number was. Also the bonus damage is true damage.

So now what happens is Warwick will ramp up, swing three times, and because the whole team is CC’d he will delete enemy units before they even know what hit them. Throw on two Static Shiv’s and a QSS to make sure he pops off and you have a unit that cant die, deals bonus damage, has built in life steal, and a way to delete multiple units at the same time.

This comp has zero counters besides itself. Because everyone is forcing this comp, if a player can hit one of the HM comps perfectly while everyone is contested playing this comp, they MIGHT be able to squeak out a win. If that doesn’t happen, this comp will not only top four every lobby, it will win every lobby.

Honorable Mentions: Comps that should be noted


sharpshooter 10.21

Last Week Position: N/A

Although Warwick is currently dominating the meta, this comp is not bad slowing him down. Divine isn’t the only trait throwing out a ton of CC. Jinx with Six Sharpshooters can stun entire teams by herself and if players can stun the Divine units before the Divine units stun them, then Warwick is less effective. Also Warwick cant proc Shiv if he’s stunned too. If players can survive long enough for Warwick’s QSS to wear off, then Jinx can CC him to death while Jhin picks off units with his fourth shot burst damage. Jinx is going to need to be 3* with perfect items as well as at least a Jhin 2* with perfect items too to pull off upsets.

Kindred (5 Hunter or 4 Mystic)

kindred tft 10.21

Last Week Position: N/A

Another way to make sure Divine units cant pop off is to one shot them before they ascend. But to do that, they need to be one shot quickly. There is no better unit in the game at one-shotting a unit as quick as Kindred can. Kindred’s ability is only 35 mana so if a player has Blue Buff, Infinity Edge, and Jeweled Gauntlet, they can delete pretty much any unit in front of them. There are a couple variations of this comp. One runs 4 Mystic for maximum survivability and the other runs five hunters for maximum damage output. The five hunter variant ironically needs Warwick but if a player can hit the supporting units while having a Kindred 3* with perfect items, they might be able to steal wins in this dreaded Warweek.

Elderwood Ashe

TFT Meta Sanpshot 10.21-ashe

Last Week Position: S-Tier

The classic meta mainstay is still around even in these troubling times. Elderwood Ashe is still a fantastic carry option and can deal with the divine units from afar. She might not be able to one shot them but with her ability and long range, she can whittle them down. The Elderwood trait is great at keeping her front line healthy and also keeping her healthy enough to survive through Warwick’s Static Shiv procs.

However, not only does this comp also need a Warwick of their own to help out with Brawler and Hunter bonus, they are also going to need an optimal Sett 2* with great items and or an optimal Ezreal 2*. Players must buy as much time as possible for Ashe while also using Ezreal and Sett to soften up the team too. If players can do that or hit an Ashe 3*, they might be able to take a victory away in Warweek.

Ninja Akali

Ninja Akali TFT 10.21

Last Week Position: N/A

One of the new faces of the patch is a comp that was low key seeing play at the end of patch 10.20. With massive buffs to the Ninja trait, a lot of players expected this to be the meta comp of 10.21. Perhaps when Warwick and Static Shiv get nerfed, it will be. Essentially how this comp works is that players stack Akali with Blue Buff, Infinity Edge and a defensive item of choice. After that watch Akali do what Kindred does while she one shots anything in her path.

She can do this because of the massive Ninja trait buff and Assassin trait buff. However, to win with this comp, players need to hit Akali 3* very quickly and try to push levels. If players can hit a Chosen Akali and get her perfect items and 3*, they can realistically take down Warwick. But a lot needs to go right for this to happen.

Vanguard Mystic Ahri

TFT Meta Snapshot 10.21 - Ahri

Last Week Position: S-Tier

Ahri might have gotten some nerfs to her damage and HP but make no mistake, in a meta where one shotting units is critical, there is really no better unit at doing that than Ahri. The plan is still very simple. Stack Ahri with double Jeweled Gauntlet and a GA and surround her with all the survivability in the world as she nukes the entire board with one cast of her ability.

The only issue is that Ahri takes a little bit of time to ramp up. If the divine player gets their units to ascend before Ahri casts, the units might survive with their built in 50% damage reduction. However, if she can cast before that or if enough time is bought in the round, Ahri still can get the job done. If a player can hit Ahri 3*, then she can just kill the entire board even through the damage reduction and steal wins from Warwick.

Enlightend Talon

TFT 10.21 - Talon

Last Week Position: A-Tier

The theme with these comps in HM so far is the ability to one shot. Any comp with that ability is theoretically a threat to Divine. Talon also has that ability. The key thing with Talon is the ability to reset his ability after his first take down. The interesting thing about the Divine units is that although they have built in survivability through their trait, they are not very tanky after and before they ascend. This allows Talon to clean up if he can stay away from CC. Morgana is also fantastic at cutting healing through continued Morello boosted ability casts. If a player can hit Talon 3* and Morgana 3* then they too can beat Warwick.

Duelist Yasuo

Yasuo TFT 10.21

Last Week Position: A-Tier

When it comes to HM comps, no comp has been here the longest as Yasuo has. Yasuo has been the king of the reroll comps ever since his release. He still continues to be that niche in the meta game today. The comp is still simple, get a Yasuo Chosen, give him good items, get him to 3*. This comp is actually better in this patch. Shiv is ironically good on Kalista due to how fast she attacks. With the Divine buffs, Lee Sin and Jax are fantastic carry options too. If a player can find all the right pieces, they might have what it takes to deal with Warwick too.

Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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