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TFT Meta Snapshot/Tier List 10.20 B-Patch – “The Return of the Queen(s)”

After a much-needed B-patch that toned down the Spirit trait, the TFT meta game has for the most part reverted back to normal. The old guard has taken back the throne with some familiar faces waiting for the right time to strike. Here is the TFT Meta Snapshot for the B-Patch of 10.20.

For returning comps the descriptions will be shorter than comps that are new. For more detailed descriptions of returning comps, a link to the previous tier list will be linked for them below. Check back every Monday for new lists.

TFT Meta Snapshot 10.21

S-Tier: Comps that will almost always top four/very likely win

Elderwood Brawler Ashe

TFT Meta Sanpshot 10.21-ashe

Last Week Position: A-Tier

Ashe is back on top after the nerfs to Aphelios and the Spirit synergy. The only thing that has changed about this comp is the complete shift to wanting Six Elderwood over eight Brawler. The Elderwood buff not only gives everyone the survivability that the Brawlers would have given anyway, but it also gives Ashe the extra stats she needs to finish off enemies. The addition of the Elderwood Spat item also gives this comp some power late in the game. Kayn, Sett, and Warwick are all great users of the Elderwood Spat item. Ezreal is also nice to have in a pinch to make sure Ashe can clean up as the fight goes on. The safest top four comp in the game and if players can hit key upgrades on Sett and Kayn, first place is easily in reach.

Dusk Riven

TFT Meta Snapshot 10.21- Riven

Last Week Position: A-Tier

The other original S-tier comp is back on top with the same core intact. Riven is still a fantastic carry option and the core Dusk units are great too. Cass has arguably the best CC ability in the game and Thresh pairs very nicely with Aatrox to group up key targets. Jhin along with Vayne for the Sharpshooter buff and Zilean can be thrown in for Mystic and his insane revive ability. However, the star of the show isn’t just Riven and Jhin anymore, its Kayn.

Kayn is hands down the best single unit in the entire game and he excels in this comp more than any other. The extra spell power he gets from the dusk synergy lets him rip entire teams to shreds in an instant. There is no better holder of the Dusk Spat item than him. This comp is a guaranteed top four if players can hit the right upgrades but if they can get a Dusk Spat onto a 2* Kayn, wins come very easily.

Vanguard Mystic Ahri

TFT Meta Snapshot 10.21 - Ahri

Last Week Position: A-Tier

Nothing has changed about the comp but it’s in a better position this week due to it being a lot less contested thanks to the spirit nerfs. Ahri is an insane damage dealer that is capable of one-shotting entire teams even through Mystic. The goal of this comp is still to keep Ahri alive as long as possible. The best way to do so is to surround her with big tanks (Vanguards) and huge magic resist (Mystic). These units create the best environment for Ahri to survive. If Ahri can cast multiple times in a fight, that fight is guaranteed to end in one’s favor if players can find upgrades then top fours are easy. If players can find optimal items on Ahri and Sejuani and/or find a tier five chosen unit on nine or an Ahri 3*, victory is assured.

A-Tier: Comps that will likely top four/can win any lobby

Enlightened Talon

TFT  10.21 - Talon

Last Week Position: H/M

A comp that has been in the shadows for almost the entirety of set four so far has been Enlightened Talon but this is definitely a good meta for him. This comp is pretty simple to understand. Stack Talon with insane damage items and hope he can land reset after reset until the enemy team is dead. Because Talon is an assassin he can kill critical backline units before they have a chance to pop off. He can kill Ahri before she casts, Ashe before she ramps up and Jhin before he even gets a fourth shot off.

The issue of this comp is in Talon failing to get key resets. The supporting cast is good though. Morgana is amazing at softening up the enemy tanks to make sure they are easy to kill, when the Dazzler trait is thrown into the mix, this allows Talon ample time to attempt his resets. The Adept trait is actually better now than it has been due to players favoring Trap Claw over QSS but this comes at the cost of Talon potentially getting trap clawed himself.

Overall this comp is in a good spot but the difference between a top-four and a win isn’t upgrades. However, a Talon and/or Morgana 3* can help but they don’t guarantee a win. This comp is great at racking up top fours consistently but players are going to have to have amazing positioning and probably a 3* Talon to win lobbies.


TFT 10.21 - Veigar

Last Week Position: N/A

Added due to popular demand is the Veigar comp. This comp has some results to back up its placement and its a pretty decent comp on the surface. The comp is extremely easy to play too. Get Veigar some mana items and some healing items, get him to 3*, and watch him whittle down teams by himself. Some people prefer the six mage version of the comp but Veigar gets more success with the Six Elderwood variant instead. This comp is a good way to net top fours if a player can land Veigar 3*. It can even win most lobbies but it requires a little adaptation to do so.

For starters, Trap Claw is the defensive item of choice on many carries right now which means that if Veigar ults the unit with Trap Claw, the fight is pretty much over because Veigar has no other carry on his team. Kayn is also a big issue for Veigar as he cannot only kill Veigar, but mana reaver him before he casts even once. Dragon Claw on a tank is also an issue for Veigar as with the Elderwood variant, Veigar just simply doesn’t have the damage to kill through it.

With all that said, if players can manage to find other sources of damage so Veigar doesn’t have to do all the work then they can win any lobby. A Kayn 2*, Ezreal 2* with good items, or even a Sejuani 3* should do the trick.

Duelist Yasuo

TFT t 10.21 - Yasuo

Last Week Position: N/A

A fan favorite has returned after a week of absence and its in a very good spot. The Duelist Reroll Yasuo comp has been a force since set four went live and for good reason. The best thing about this comp is that there are multiple carries so its hard to position against.

Yasuo is one of the main stars of the show. At 3* and with the Two Exile buff, Yasuo shreds through front lines like butter while having insane life steal due to the exile trait. Kalista is the backline DPS of the comp that can kill anyone in her path. Jax is an immortal tank on the front line and at 3* whoever he stuns is pretty much sentenced to death. Yone literally sentences anyone to death and can do it with practically no items. But the real star of the show is Lee Sin. Lee Sin can kill anyone at any time and with the Six Duelist buff granting him enough attack speed to ramp up his ability very quickly, there isn’t much opponents can do about it. Urgot from set 3 was a menace and Lee Sin is Urgot but arguably better.

This comp has carries that come from all corners which makes it one of the best comps in the game. However, there is one thing that this comp loses to and it loses hard. That’s burst damage. Kayn, Ahri, Sett, and Veigar give this comp trouble. Even with a fully upgraded board, this comp can just simply lose to big damage dealers. If a player can manage to turn the tides of battle against those comps, Duelist Yasuo is a threat to win any lobby.

Honorable Mentions: Comps that should be noted

Spirit Zed

Last Week Position: A-Tier

The mighty have fallen and have fallen hard. However, Zed is still good and can still win any lobby but he needs perfect items now more than ever and is going to need the assistance of Kayn to do the heavy lifting in the late game. If a player finds a Chosen Zed, this comp is still worth playing but buyer beware. Top fours will likely await but victories not so much


Last Week Position: S-Tier

Same story as Spirit Zed, the B-Patch hurt Aphelios a lot and has taken away his throne but this comp will still pop up in lobbies and can actually do pretty well. Don’t expect this comp to win a lot but if a player high rolls early enough and can push levels, this comp can still do the things it wants to and can maybe win but just much slower.

Bonkey Kong

Last Week Position: N/A

A comp that should be on the lookout as it still sees consistent play in many lobbies. The comp is still focused around Wukong but it relies on legendary units in the late game to help out. But with the new Divine rework coming next patch, this comp could evolve into a contender for the top spot.

Fallen off the List: Reroll Mages, Sharpshooters

Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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