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TFT Meta Snapshot/Tier List 10.19 Week Two – “Spirited Away”

The first patch of TFT Fates is coming to a close but the meta is still shifting. The comps at the top have yet to be dethroned but there are some serious challengers to their throne. Some comps have fallen off the tier list completely and have been replaced with the new Spirit overlords. What should players look out for in the last couple of days of the patch? Here is the 10.19 week two TFT Meta Snapshot/Tier List.

For returning comps the descriptions will be shorter than comps that are new. For more detailed descriptions of returning comps, a link to the previous tier list will be linked for them below. Check back every Monday for new lists.

TFT Meta Snapshot- tier list


S-Tier: Comps that will top four and likely win any lobby

Dusk Riven

TFT Fates Tier List - Riven

Last Week Position: S-Tier

Not much has changed for the top dog of TFT Fates thus far. Over the past week, this comp has seen some very flexible late-game boards. Some include powerful tier five champions like Kayn and even Sett. But the core still remains the same.

Riven along with anywhere from two to six Dusk units create a powerhouse of a unit that can live forever and kill even the strongest comps. Almost any item works on Riven making her the perfect late game transition piece and doubles as a main carry. Her ability to dive backlines with ease just adds to her other strengths which makes her the best tier four unit in the game.

If a player can hit upgrades on the Dusk core and surround Riven with powerful late-game threats like Jhin, Aatrox, Kayn, Zilean, and/or others, then they should have no trouble at getting top four very easily and winning a good amount of the time.

Brawler Ashe

TFT Tier List - Ashe

Last Week Position: S-Tier

The other S-tier comp from last week also has not seen any significant changes. The comp is very straightforward. Build good Ashe items, hit Sett 2* with good Sett items and watch enemy teams disappear.

In the very late game, this comp can afford to drop a couple of Brawlers for flex choices like mystic to deal with Ahri comps (more on that later). Or they can instead add powerful tier five units like KaynLee Sin or even Elderwood if one’s chosen is that trait. Warwick is a fantastic third carry option in the comp too and can provide some clutch CC as fights go on.

If a player can manage to stay healthy into the late game, as long as they have an Ashe with QSS and Giant Slayer along with a Sett 2*, they will earn automatic top fours. If a player can manage both while chasing good Sett items and/or powerful tier five units with upgrades, they should have no problem finding themselves in the winners circle often.

Vanguard/Spirit Ahri

TFT Meta Snapshot- Ahri 2

Last Week Position: N/A

One of the strongest comps during the PBE before the live release has finally entered the meta game. Ahri has made her case as the true top dog, or fox, of the tier four carry units. Although Ashe and Riven can theoretically 1v9, Ahri literally can without anyone but herself.

Ahri’s ability is Spirit Bomb, in which Ahri channels for 1.5 seconds as she creates a massive energy bomb and then she lobs it at a random enemy dealing magic damage to all enemies in a large area. If players are still having PTSD over GP in TFT: Galaxies, Ahri isn’t going to help cure that. An Ahri with just a Jeweled Gauntlet can wipe entire teams off the map. If she has another damage item along with that, then no unit in the game, even with mystic in, can survive.

So with the win condition of the comp established, how do players make sure Ahri can live through her lone weakness, the 1.5 second channel? Well for starters they can throw in the four Spirit synergy. The Spirit synergy states that the first time each spirit unit casts their ability during a round, all allies get an attack speed buff equal to the percentage of the spirit units’ mana cost. At two Spirits it’s 35% but at four Spirits it’s 90%. With all four Spirit units on a team, if all of them cast, then the attack speed buff given to all allies is around 190%. This allows Ahri to crank out spell casts quickly while the rest of the team can do their thing.

A popular pairing of Ahri is to make sure she has a beefy front line that can protect her from harm as she does the heavy lifting. Vanguards are a great choice here especially Sejuani and Aatrox. These two vanguards in particular are amazing for Ahri due to their lockdown CC. Sejuani can keep units in place to prevent Ahri from whiffing her bomb and Aatrox can pull in carry units to make sure the Bomb hits the entire enemy team. Mystic is another great defensive option for Ahri as it just increases Ahri’s survival chances. Zilean can actually use his spell on Ahri so if she dies mid-channel, she will finish the cast as she revives which is also the reason why Guardian Angel is broken on her.

If Players can find an upgraded Ahri with Guardian Angel, Jeweled Gauntlet and four Spirit, top fours are basically guaranteed. If they can find the supporting casts of tanks and magic resist too, then wins are likely.

A-Tier: Comps that will top 4 and can win any lobby

Moonlight Spirit Aphelios

TFT Meta Snapshot- Ahri

Last Week Position: N/A

By far the scariest comp in the PBE seemed to have been hit by the nerf hammer, hard enough to make it disappear from the meta. But thanks to the busted Spirit synergy, Moonlight Aphelios has once again made his way into the meta game.

For the players asking about Aphelios, well he is a Moonlight Hunter. The Moonlight synergy allows for Aphelios to hit the coveted 4* rank which only Moonlight units can get. The reason why this is important is because of Apehelios’ ability, Sentry Turret. When Apehelios casts his spell, he lays down a turret that is “an extension of Aphelios’ will” that also counts as Apehelios himself when it fires and deals damage. The turrets die when Apehelios dies but actually not really.

Aphelios’ best item is Guardians Angel as the turrets will continue to fire even when Aphelios is reviving through GA. This paired with the Hunter synergy that Aphelios has makes it a suicide mission to approach Aphelios as if he dies with a GA, the enemy units will sit idle until Aphelios revives while the turrets continue proccing the Hunter bonus as well as just firing at enemies. Essentially, Aphelios can’t die twice.

This has always been true but with the nerf’s to Aphelios’ mana cost, it seemed like he just couldn’t lay turrets down fast enough. In comes the Spirit brigade. As explained before, if all four Spirit units on a team cast their ability, then the buff is around 190% attack speed. An Apehelios with a Rageblade can layout turrets at an insane rate and at 4*, those turrets hand around for a whopping 11 seconds. This creates a game state in which it doesn’t matter if everyone on the team dies except Aphelios because he can literally 1v9 enemies.

The reason why this comp isn’t S-Tier is because Aphelios still has to ramp up and if killed quickly and making sure he cant hide behind GA, he becomes easy to deal with. The other top tier comps have ways to get to Aphelios whether it be through an Ahri cast, Riven diving backline, or Sett slamming a unit into Aphelios. This comp is still a great top four comp and if players can get Aphelios ramped up, its game over for any comp.

Shade Zed

TFT Meta Snapshot- Zed

Last Week Position: B-Tier

Not much has changed with this comp and it was actually the first comp to abuse the four Spirit synergy. This comp is simple. Hit Chosen Zed 3* with specifically Rapid Firecannon and let him machine gun through entire enemy teams due to the ramping attack speed he gets from the four Spirit synergy.

Zed scales decently well into the late game thanks to him dropping aggro every third auto because of the Shade trait. Ahri can also function as an amazing secondary carry if players can manage to find ideal Ahri items. Finding Ahri items may be hard due to her being heavily contested in the current meta game. Adding in Kayn on eight also gives this comp some much-needed late-game power.

The issue with this comp is that for a tier two unit like Zed to win lobbies, he’s going to need perfect items. Tier four units late-game carry better than Zed does. There is no doubt that Zed can assassinate anyone but him being a single target threat versus the AoE power of the other top tier comps make it hard for him to win lobbies consistently. However, this comp is fantastic at getting easy top fours. If players can find an upgraded Kayn late-game alongside perfect Zed and perhaps a GA frontline Ahri, then this comp can absolutely still win most lobbies.

Honorable Mentions: Comps that just missed the cut but should be noted


Last Week Position: B-Tier

Still a good comp that runs around the one-two punch of Morgana and Talon. Unfortunately, it just lacks the firepower of the other comps and falls off super hard late game. Can still top four if players can hit the right units and items

Duelist Yasuo

Last Week Position: Honorable Mention

Still the same ole comp. Yasuo is hard to kill early and mid-game with good items. He is also decent late game when paired with Yone.


Last Week Position: B-Tier

This comp has been severely countered by the sheer amount of QSS and Trap Claws being built. This is due to the amount of CC being run. This comp can still top four most lobbies and with new life breathed into it with the Spirit Synergy, it actually has the potential to win lobbies too.

Fallen off the list: 9 Cultists, Warlords, Bonkey Kong

Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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