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TFT Introduces a Full Competitive Rank Reset in Upcoming Patch 9.23

tft rank reset

It was announced today that the upcoming competitive TFT season will feature a full rank reset, meaning all players will start off at Iron rank. In addition to this, there will be a soft MMR reset and players will never lose LP for coming in 4th place. All of these changes are set to come to live servers as a part of the tentative balance changes coming in Patch 9.23.

Why These Changes?

Developers noted reasoning for these changes in their post on the League of Legends boards, which go on to explain that the hard reset comes, reasonably, due to the fact that the entire game has been changed in set 2. Players that may have been Platinum in set 1 may not be to that level in Rise of the Elements and developers want placement games to reflect that.

tft rise of the elements
Image Courtesy of Carmen Carballo

However, due to most player’s general skill level likely staying the same, there is only going to be a soft MMR reset. This should mean that players that are higher rank should be able to climb to that rank faster, while still having to make the climb in some way.

The changes to the 4th place LP is a clear one. Players shouldn’t feel as though they had “won” games in fourth, only to lose several LP. Making it to where players will either remain at their current LP or gain a small amount should reflect that more clearly.

Patch 9.23 is expected to hit live servers on Wednesday, November 20. While waiting for its return, be sure to check out The Game Haus’s collection of guides for the new Elemental set. Until then, stay tuned for more news and updates.




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