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TFT Fates: Festival of Beasts – Top 5 Champion Predictions

Elderwood Ornn Splash Art

Riot just revealed their plans for the mid-set update for TFT. They are calling the expansion Teamfight Tactics Fates: Festival of Beasts. According to Riot, 20 units are leaving the game. This means at least 20 new champions will be joining. In the same teaser, Riot had a cryptic poem that dropped hints as to who will be joining the cast in set 4.5. Based on those hints, here are the top 5 TFT Fates Predictions for champions that will be coming in the new update.


Riot releases Elderwood Ornn as new charity fundraiser skin | Dot Esports

Elderwood is taking a huge hit in set 4.5. Ezreal, Ashe, and Hecarim are all leaving. With Elderwood losing its identity and a legendary unit, someone has to come in and save the day and no one seems more positioned to do so than Ornn.

Ornn will join TFT in set 4.5. Riot’s Teaser mentioned Ornn specifically. He also has a shiny new Elderwood skin too. Riot has introduced units with new skins before most notably with the introduction of Dark Star Xerath in set 3.

Ornn would most likely be a tier five-unit to replace Ezreal in the Elderwood skin line and will probably have a special one-off trait like some of the other tier five units like Sett does with “The Boss”. Him having the “Blacksmith” trait would probably make him have an ability that upgrades items at the beginning of the round. Perhaps he can make item components into completed ones. Imagine turning a BF Sword into an Infinity Edge. That would be something.


Seraphine - Abilities Rundown - League of Legends

In Riot’s cryptic poem teaser, the mention of “the crowd bops to sick beats” is something to keep an eye on. Although this can refer to the True Damage skin line as well as something like DJ Sona, it feels like the year of 2020 was meant to be Seraphine’s. And since 4.5 has been in development for months, one should expect Seraphine to be here too.

As Riot’s new poster child, Seraphine will most likely be a tier five legendary unit that might have some very powerful CC ability like her Ultimate in League of Legends. Also, she probably won’t join a current trait, Riot probably has a brand new trait that she will headline in set 4.5.


Tryndamere TFT Fates Prediction

Warlords suffered a hit in set 4.5, just not a big one. Xin Zhao is the only unit that is disappearing from the Warlord comp and with a replacement needed, one can look to the Warring Kingdoms skin line that all the Warlords are from. If one does the math, only one champion from the skin lineup isn’t currently in the game and that’s Tryndamere.

This would mark Trayndamere’s first time in TFT and he could fit right into the tier three-unit spot Xin has left. Something like Trayndamere’s dash would provide something that is missing with Riven’s exit as a tanky unit that can get into the backline easily.


TFT Fates prediction- Samira

Another clue fans can pull from Riot’s cypher is the mention of “Daredevils risk outrageous feats“. There isn’t a daredevil skin line but there is definitely a daredevil champion. Riot likes to use TFT as a way to show off their new content and one of the new champions in 2020 was Samira.

Samira along with Seraphine and the just-released Rell are the only champions released in 2020 to not be in TFT. It just makes too much sense to add her in set 4.5. Rell could theoretically be in this set too but it just seems like she is too new. Samira being a flashy new champion will most likely end up like the rest of her 2020 champions and be a tier five legendary unit.


TFT Fates Dragonslayer Pantheon

Pantheon takes a little more brainpower to predict but it seems like he will be a lock for the new mid-set update. Back in Riot’s cipher, they mention “Souls and Slayers and even Blacksmiths“. The focus here is on the Slayer portion. This could be a reference to the Dragonslayer Skin line. However, some of the champions in that skin line already exist in TFT set four like J4 and some are deconfirmed because they are getting deleted like Xin Zhao.

However, It was mentioned that Diana, a unit that was thought to be gone with the deletion of Moonlight is staying. This means that she will need to find a new trait to join and that trait could be the Dragonslayer trait because she has a skin in that lineup. Pantheon has actually been in his Dragonslayer skin in TFT before way back in set one where he was a beast of a unit utilizing his ultimate ability to tear through enemy teams. A fan favorite could definitely make his return in set 4.5.

Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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