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TFT Fates Tier List Patch 10.19 Week One – Ashes to Ashes, Dusk to Dusk

The first week of the new set has come and gone and the meta has been established. There are a whopping 10 different viable comps this week. Even though there is a huge difference between the top and bottom, every comp should be mentioned for the first week. Here is the week one TFT Fates Tier List for Patch 10.19.

TFT Tier List


S-Tier: Comps that will top four and likely win any lobby

Dusk Riven

TFT Fates Tier List - Riven

Dusk Riven is a comp that capitalizes on a Dusk Chosen Unit. With a Dusk Chosen unit, or a Unit with the Aspect of Dusk Spatula item, players can reach the Six Dusk synergy. This gives every Dusk unit a whopping 125% spell power. With Six Dusk units, Riven can solo entire teams.

Riven’s ability grants her a giant shield whenever she casts while also slashing enemy units. On the third cast she leaps and deals massive damage to enemies in a line. The reason why Riven is so good is because with the Six Dusk synergy, she can do a lot of damage with no damage items. This is important because even though she has a giant shield, Riven needs defensive items to survive in the late game. Thanks to the Six Dusk synergy, she can build purely defensive and still do the most damage in the lobby while also never dying.

Pair Riven with an Azir for the Keeper trait bonus and a backline carry like Jhin and players should have no problem winning lobbies with this comp.

Brawler Ashe

TFT Tier List - Ashe

Players may remember the infamous Jinx Brawler comps from previous sets and although Jinx and Brawlers exist in this set, it’s Ashe who has taken her place. This comp plays almost identically to previous Brawler comps. Collect all the Brawlers, throw in a damage dealer, and profit LP.

In this set, Ashe is a tier four Elderwood Hunter. The Elderwood trait gives Ashe bonus stats as the fight goes on and the Hunter trait deals bonus damage as the fight goes on. Because of this players with Ashe on their team want the fight to last as long as possible. In come the Brawlers.

In set four there are seven Brawlers and thanks to the Chosen mechanic, players can reach the Eight Brawler synergy which gives every Brawler a whopping 1800 bonus HP. There are also two Brawlers that share the Elderwood trait which is very convenient for Ashe.

Although Ashe is on clean-up duty, it’s the tier five Brawler Sett that does the heavy lifting. A 2* Sett in the late game is vital to this comps success as he softens up the big HP targets so Ashe can fire away. A 2* Sett with good items and a 2* Ashe with great items create a duo that cant lose to anyone in the late game.

A-Tier: Comps that will top 4 and can win any lobby

9 Cultist

TFT TIer List - Cultist

The most linear comp on this list but still one of the strongest. 9 Cultists are scary and its all thanks to Supreme Overlord Galio.

Supreme Overlord Galio can only be summoned with all eight Cultist with one of them being Chosen. When that happens, Supreme Overlord Galio comes crashing down onto the battlefield and obliterates anyone in his path. He also has more HP than any other unit in the game making him the perfect tank to have on a team.

There are no units in the Cultist trait that share any synergies. But that’s ok because all the Cultist units by themselves are very strong. Jhin and Kalista are among the games best DPS units and make use of Galio well by firing away safely and taking down enemy units from afar. Zilean makes sure that if any of the damage dealers die, they just come back to life like nothing ever happened, and Aatrox is like Blitzcrank 2.0 as he makes sure the enemy carries face the wrath of Galio no matter what.

This comp falls off a little bit harder than the two comps above this one but if a player remains healthy throughout the game which can be done due to the three and six Cultist synergy Galio’s providing extra support, once they hit nine Cultists, they should be healthy enough to have everyone die before they do.


TFT TIer List - Warlords

The Warlord synergy rivals Cultist as the best synergy in the game when it comes to scaling power. The longer the game goes on, the better Warlords get. Although they don’t have as high of a damage cap as the other comps in S-tier, Warlords are one of the best comps in the game.

This is because of Katarina. In this comp, players need to make sure they place all their eggs in the Katarina basket. Players may remember Katarina from set one as she has the same ability in set four. But this time she is more primed for a carry role thanks to having the Warlord and Assassin traits.

Warlord gives Katarina bonus stats and multiplies it depending on how many rounds she has won. Once that counter gets to five, she is at full power. The Assassin trait has been reworked but it’s in Katarina’s favor. Assassins now have the ability of Jeweled Guantlet built into their synergy as spells can now Crit. This allows a Katarina with Gunblade and damage items to never die and to make sure enemies never live.

The rest of the synergy is there to tank for Katarina but they are not too bad at dealing damage themselves. Xin Zhao and Azir are pretty good at cleaning up for Katarina and J4 is a fantastic CC tank option as well.

This comp may not win every lobby but its a great choice to top four with and if things go right, the comp can still win especially with a Katarina 3*

B-Tier: Comps that most likely top four but need help to win lobbies


TFT Fates Tier List - Sharpshooter

One of the more annoying comps to play against but one that is still very strong.

This comp utilizes a Chosen Sharpshooter to reach the Six Sharphooter synergy. With this Synergy in place, players can essentially perma-stun the enemy team through Jinx while the other sharpshooters kill them.

In this comp, it’s critical players build Spear of Shojin and Rageblade on Jinx. This is because, with the Sharpshooter buff, Spear of Shojin will stack four times every single time Jinx auto attacks. This paired with Rageblade allows Jinx to cast her ability every single second. Her ability in this set is different from previous sets. In this set when Jinx casts her ability, she stuns her target. With the Sharpshooter trait, she will stun four targets. Getting Jinx to 3* is critical as it makes her ability do big damage on-top of the devastating stun.

If players can reach this then they will top four with ease and can even win games if the other units in the comp are upgraded.


TFT Fates Tier List - Enlightened

One of the strongest comps coming out of the PBE testing environment, Enlightened hasn’t lived up to the hype but is still pretty good.

This comp plays around the strength of the Enlightened units having increased mana generation and relies on a duo carry threat of Morgana and Talon. Morgana’s ability puts a huge damage ticking circle beneath a large portion of the map. The Circle does damage over time as well as healing Morgana in the process. Since Morgana is also a Dazzler, when she is paired with another Dazzler, all enemies within that circle also do less attack damage for a duration as well. The kicker is pairing Morgana with Morello’s and Spear of Shojin. These items allow Morgana to deal even more damage and cast a multitude of times. In fact, her circle can be active at all times due to Spear of Shojin. While every unit is vulnerable and taking damage, that’s where Talon comes in.

Talon is an Enlightened Assassin whose main role is to bounce across the map killing high damage threats. Thanks to Morgana who softens the enemy team up, Talon is able to chain his ability and kill everyone in sight.

This comp is extremely item reliant and even with perfect items, if Talon cant start the ability chain, this comp can just flat out die before everything snowballs. Regardless, this comp is a good one at getting top four consistently.

Shade Zed

TFT Fates Tier List - Zed

This meta game has been dominated around picking up early game Chosen units. However, there is one comp that has been popping up more recently that not only utilizes an early game Chosen unit, it carries through it. Introducing Chosen Shade Zed.

Zed returns from set three with the same exact ability and the same exact cost. The big difference this time around lies in his traits. He is a Shade Ninja which basically means he’s perfect. Zed’s ability does bonus magic damage and steals enemy attack damage on every third auto. Shade is a trait that does bonus magic damage and drops aggro on…every third auto. This trait was made for Zed.

Zed’s other trait is Ninja which functions just like its set one version. If a player just has one Ninja, in this case Zed, then Zed has 50% bonus AD and spell power. This makes him an absolute menace in the early and mid-game. Paired with the Shade bonus that he can give himself with being Chosen, Zed becomes the strongest early and mid-game carry in the game.

What makes this comp good late game despite carrying through a tier two unit is Zed’s flexible support group. Essentially there are two ways to play the comp. The first is to throw in all the Ninja units and have a damage-dealing Zed who hits hard. The second way to play the comp is to make Zed attack really fast instead through the power of the Spirit synergy.

The Spirit synergy gives all ally units increased attack speed whenever a Spirit unit casts their spell for the first time in a round. At the Four Spirit synergy, the attack speed increase is equal to 90% of the Spirit unit’s mana cost. In this version of the comp, Zed gets around a 175% attack speed increase. This paired with attack speed items like Rageblade and Rapid Fire Cannon, which are absolutely needed on Zed, creates a Zed powerful enough to cut down anyone as he acts like a lawn mower or one could say…a blender?

This comp is very strong but very fragile. It’s good enough to net top fours. With optimal items and positioning with a little added luck, this comp can win any lobby.

Honorable Mentions: Comps that just missed the cut but should be noted

Bonkey Kong

Strong comp based around making a Chosen Divine Wukong nearly unkillable.

Duelist Yasuo

A good comp centered around Chosen Duelist Yasuo. Yasuo is very hard to kill late game due to Exile and Duelist buffs.


The strongest comp by far on the PBE but has been severely nerfed heading to live servers. Despite the nerfs, this comp remains strong due to the Moonlight trait making units unkillable through being 4*.

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