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TFT Fates: Festival of Beasts Set 4.5 PBE- Top Five Comps: Day 4,5,6

There was no daily patches over the weekend so instead of doing a daily thread for each day, I decided to combine each day of the weekend into one list due to being on the same patch. Here is the weekend recap of the best comps on the TFT PBE over days four, five, and six.

These comps should only be used as a baseline/guideline. Some powerful comps may be emitted. If you feel like a comp should be included, reach out to me on Twitter or Reddit. Comps and meta are definitely subject to change. Keep checking back daily for a brand new addition of the PBE top five. For reference here is yesterday’s list

Olaf Slayers

The menace of the current PBE meta is without a doubt Olaf. It seems that Samira just simply passed the keys to Olaf when she got nerfed. Olaf with the right items is a 1v9 unit just like he was in set two. He is so strong that players can essentially pair Olaf with anyone. One of the more common variants is running 6 slayers to maximize damage but players can also cut down to 3 slayers and run things like Dragonsoul or frontline instead.

Fabled Mystic Vanguards

TFT PBE 4.5 Neeko

This comp is still in a very good spot even post nerfs. Cho Gath‘s Fabled enhanced ability is the greatest CC tool the game has ever seen. Neeko also still does enough damage to be a hyper carry too.


Warlord players rejoice! The comp is in a fantastic spot in the PBE meta game. Players may see that the old carry of the comp, Katarina, is missing in this variant. That is because Tryndamere is actually a pretty good carry option thanks to his fantastic traits. The Slayer trait allows him to have built in life steal and the duelist trait turns him into a machine gun that can literally rip through a backline. Samira and Lee Sin are fantastic supporting roles too.

ASol Carry

Asol is back and is in his set one self where he was a deleter of boards. He does the same thing in this set. The good thing for Asol is that players only need five Mages to get him online with full damage. His other trait Dragonsoul isnt the easiest thing to proc on Asol but if he can get it while keeping a safe distance he is a monster.

8 Brawler Shyv

Brawlers PBE TFT 4.5

Even post nerfs, Shyvana is still a huge threat. She can still output insane damage in a plethora of comps including this eight Brawler variation. RFC is pretty much a much have on her to ensure casting from a safe distance. Players have also discovered that Mage Cap on her is disgusting.

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