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TFT Annoucnes Mobile Version Coming in 2020

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As a part of the 10-year anniversary stream event, Riot announced big changes coming to TFT to celebrate the event. Chief among these changes is the introduction of Seasonal Sets in TFT’s beta as well as a mobile version of the game coming in 2020. The first of these Seasonal Sets, Rise of the Elements, is now playable on live servers.

The Coming Mobile Version

A mobile version of TFT has been confirmed for early 2020. This will be able to be played cross-platform with players on PC. This is something fans have been demanding for quite some time and it is finally here. Details, however, have still yet to be released about when the mobile version will be avaialbe, but expect more reports to surface in early 2020.

All of these changes will be taking place soon, so keep an eye out here at The Game Haus for more information in the coming weeks.


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