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Amumu is a Warden and Inferno champion in Teamfight Tactics. He is a five cost champ whose ability is an area of effect burst spell that does massive damage along with a stun. Warden finally gets its late-game piece and Inferno gets something tanky. But, what items are best on him? Let this list be the guide to that answer.


Without a doubt, Morellonomicon is one the best items currently in TFT. With the number of Mages, Oceans and Infernos it not only provides damage but most importantly it stops healing. With Lucian coming out it seems as though Light comps may come back into play. The heal that goes along with that synergy can be stopped in its track with this item. On Amumu specifically, Morello will give Inferno a chance against Warden comps and tanky frontline Vladimirs. Also when played with Wardens this gives them a major damage dealer and finally a champion to consistently put this item on outside of Malphite.

Dragon’s Claw and/or Thornmail

TFT Gnar BuildsIn the current meta and likely upcoming meta Dragon’s Claw and Thornmail will be interchangeable depending on what opponents are running most. Dragon’s Claw will be useful during Mage metas like the ones that have been seen lately. This is also true for Ocean comps. Thornmail will be strong against Light, Shadow and the potentially upcoming Blademaster comps. Either way as a Warden, Amumu will need one of the options on most builds. Having both if available can really give him the tankiness needed to frontline when in an Inferno comp specifically.

Seraph’s Embrace

Veigar TFTThis item is all about getting Amumu to his first ability as quickly as possible. While an argument could be made for Spear of Shojin, Seraph’s Embrace is better purely for the extra 20 mana already attached to it. With this, he will have 90 of the 150 mana towards his ability meaning he could cast it within the first few seconds of each match. This is extremely important for two reasons. The first being that Amumu is not much of a threat and can be taken down easily if focused on, not allowing him to use his ability. Secondly, at the beginning is obviously when the most champions are together and still alive, thus maximizing his ability usage.

Rabadon’s Deathcap

Rabadon's DeathcapRunning a Warden comp and looking for something to finally do some serious burst damage? Well, look no further than Amumu with a Deathcap. This item increases Amumu’s ability damage from 250 / 500 / 1337 to 275 / 750 / 2,005. Especially at level two, Amumu could almost one shot a multitude of units and do so in one attack. Bringing him in solves the biggest issue Warden comps had been having and he does it so in a big way. Amumu can also run this in an Inferno comp to basically make the area around him like a nuclear blast and the fallout from it.

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