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TFT 2 Player Mode Announced with TFT Set 6

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TFT Set 6 is on its way and it is bringing with it many major additions. The biggest one is something that players have been wondering and asking about since the game’s inception, 2 Player Mode. The TFT 2 Player Mode will be added as the newest Lab to TFT with TFT Set 6. Here is what is known about TFT 2 Player Mode.

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The new Lab details were given in a press release as well by the Riot Games and TFT Dev Team. Here is a look at how they describe the newest Lab.

Hyper Roll has been a success and will remain a part of the next set of Teamfight Tactics. The team will continue to make improvements to the mode as well.

The next set will also feature a Lab that’s focused on providing players a more meaningful way to play Teamfight Tactics with their friends, with the mode allowing them to work together as a two-person team.

In this partnered mode, which does not have a name yet, players queue up and work together to compete against 3 other teams. Each player will control their own board, but will have a shared health pool – so both players need to stay strong in order to survive.

This mode will launch shortly after the new set drops and will remain up and running for a few patches. After that, the team will take it offline and make a few adjustments, using feedback and their learnings to improve it. It will be relaunched again in a more complete form at a later date.

What is coming?

This was something that had been seen in the new TFT release for mobile in China. So it is not a huge surprise that they are bringing it to everyone else. Hopefully this new mode will add some exciting gameplay moving forward.

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