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TFT 12.7 Meta predictions

TFT 12.7 meta predictions

Hi everyone! Set 6.5 is maturing well, and we have arrived at the much-awaited “World’s Patch”. With 12.7 being the patch the Worlds Tournament will take place, many changes were made to help balance the power of multiple traits and units, as offer QOL changes with Augment options. Here are the TFT 12.7 meta predictions.


Big changes to 4 Scholar, making it much more worthwhile to invest in. From VIP Sindra to the Classic Renata Bruisers, solid AP comps may be the core meta for this patch. Not to mention the multiple adjustments in augments may lead to players being able to find lifelong learning easier, making this an even more appealing option to consider.


Although Jhin received some mana nerfs, when three out of five units of a trait are buffed, there is bound to be trouble. Buffs for low-cost units mean the comp stabilizes better early, and buffs to high-cost units mean it caps higher. The buffs to the other snipers are sure to be more than enough to compensate for the nerf to the main carry.


Socialite is another trait that buffed the majority of its units. After the heart-wrenching nerfs to Irelia, Socialite has been in a “like it” position, as opposed to its “gotta have it” past. Now with the buffs to the units, it might find a sweet spot in “love it” territory. Possible carry options are Kai’Sa, Kha’Zix, Siver, and Seraphene, but being creative is always the most fun.


Honorable mention


TFT 12.7 meta

After the huge nerf to Malzahar, Mutant has been struggling to stay relevant in the meta. Cho’ Gath’s 50 HP  buff doesn’t seem like much. But an HP buff for the main tank who one should almost always aim to 3 star, which literally has infinite scaling with HP, can definitely go a long way. Make sure to check for powerful Mutant effects at the beginning of every match. This is especially the case if the player hits that 1-2 Cho’ Gath.

That wraps it up for the TFT 12.7 meta predictions. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the next patch!

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