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TFT 12.2 Meta predictions

TFT 12.2 meta predictions

With two more patches to go, TFT Set 6 is slowly coming to an end. There is still a little bit more time to squeeze in some more amazing gameplay, so make sure not to miss out. Not so many big changes in the form of unit/trait strength, but a big item change may shift some power around. Here are the TFT 12.2 meta predictions.

Locket of the Iron Solari

TFT 12.2 meta predictions

Before the meta comp predictions, one big change in this patch needs to be pointed out. Locket of the Iron Solari’s shield duration has been nearly doubled from 8 to 15 seconds. If history has taught fans anything, buffs on Locket = OP, and it will take the meta by storm. Granted, the shield has gotten multiple nerfs over time, but now that the duration is exactly enough for the “Ascension” augment to kick in, it may lead to some insanely strong (frustrating) comps.

In this patch, the meta predictions will solely revolve around this item. So here are 4 comps that can use the super buffed item to its fullest potential.

Assassin (Syndicate)

TFT 12.2 meta predictions

TL;DR, Remember Diana? Assassins are easy to place horizontally and have always been the go-to Locket abuser. The shield gives them just enough survivability to finish off the backline in time. They were already at the top of the meta in the previous patch, and the small AD nerf to Shaco shouldn’t slow them down too much.

Colossus (Socialite/Imperial)

The mechanic with shields has always been a little difficult to grasp. Is it just flat health, or is it affected by the unit’s stats? Upon much questioning and research, not to mention a mention from the devs, it is now confirmed that shields are affected by any damage mitigation the unit has. So what trait has the best damage mitigation? The Colossal big boys of course. The shields with the mitigation will most likely be enough to compensate for Seraphine’s healing nerfs. Bonus points if players can give the Socialite hex the shields as well. Also, buffs to Cho’Gath may make it worth playing Colossus with mutants instead, if he can be fed early.


TFT 12.2 meta predictions

After the nerfs, Yone has swapped over from GA to QSS, so how can he say no to more survivability? Challengers are mainly positioned in a big long line anyway, which makes it very easy to utilize all five hexes of the Locket. The bug fix to Fiora definitely doesn’t hurt either, as she can (hopefully) finally fully function as a reliable secondary carry.


Last on the list is the Yordle comp.  This comp is on the list not because of the benefits from positioning, but rather the ability to 3-star a non-carry unit very easily. For those who don’t know, the shield amount from Locket increases based on the number of stars (300 / 350 / 400). The problem is that it only grants minimal stats, which led to players not wanting to waste item slots on the 3-star champions that they worked so hard to make. But what if you had extra 3-star units? Hope everyone caught on. Players can play 3 Yordles with Sniper and Enchanter now with a fat shield to counter Assassins, but also if Heimerdinger becomes an “S tier and warps the entire meta”, at least we know who to blame.

There it is. The initial 12.2 meta predictions here were revolved around a single item buff, but hopefully, more diversity can be found. Hope to see everyone again in the next predictions, as well as the 6.5 set info release!

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