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The Final Composition Tier List for TFT: Galaxies Patch 10.6

Warren Younger is a Top 500 player on the NA servers who peaked 2x Challenger in set one and Grand Master in set two. He is Currently in Diamond One in set three

The first patch of TFT: Galaxies is wrapping up with patch 10.7 heading to live servers on Wednesday. Many compositions took center stage during the sets first two weeks. But now players have a good idea of what the best comps are. Here is a handy tier list that players can use in the final couple of days of this patch. Think of the tier list as a patch recap that players can also use to understand what is good now and what is probably good going forward.

Tier List

The first patch had a good mix of viable comps but the best comp is way better than the rest.

S Tier (comps that will win if hit)


Mecha Aurelion Sol :: League of Legends (LoL) Champion Skin on ...

By far the scariest comp to come out of the first patch of TFT: Galaxies. Rebels took the meta by storm showing that right off the bat TFT has yet another tier zero composition. Most players in high elo have elected to climb with this comp. Everyone can vouch for Rebels being the best comp in patch 10.6. The composition relies on hitting level two versions of both Aurelion Sol and Gangplank. Those two champions with the right items are strong enough to wipe out any composition that pops up. With no consistent counter at all, the composition should win almost any lobby it shows up in. Just like when Yugi draws Exodia, when a player draws GP and ASol level two, the game is over.

A Tier (comps that can consistently top 4 and sometimes win)


Cosmic Defender Xin Zhao :: League of Legends (LoL) Champion Skin ...

At the top of A tier is the now infamous Protector comp. The closest thing to a Rebel counter is this composition which relies on Xin Zhao to literally 1v9 fights. How this comp operates is by making Xin Zhao an unkillable machine by rolling gold on level five and six to make him a three-star unit. After that, throw defensive items like Bramble’s Vest and Dragon Claw for added protection along with the three other Protectors. Once that is done, players will now own a champion that is almost impossible to kill and one that does a surprising amount of damage. The comp, however, does have a couple of weaknesses. The first is that to beat Rebels, players have to make optimal items on Xin Zhao which is hard to do. And even then players are not guaranteed to win if the Rebel players in the lobby also have optimal items and champions too. The other weakness is that the comp cannot power spike if multiple people are playing it as there simply are not enough champions in the pool for two players to have the comp online at full power. Protector players thrive on power spiking early, if they cannot do that the comp is doomed to fail. But even then the comp is still definitely a very strong pick and if it doesn’t win, it can easily top four.

-Jinx Brawlers

Odyssey Jinx :: League of Legends (LoL) Champion Skin on MOBAFire

Essentially a poor man’s Rebels, Jinx Brawlers came out of the gate as one of, if not the best composition. However, very quickly players realized that simply playing Rebels gives players access to the two key carry units in Jinx Brawlers anyways. Jinx and Miss Fortune are the backbone of the composition but as the patch went on, they became part of the backbone in the Rebel composition too. This makes it difficult to get the composition online due to Jinx and Miss Fortune being heavily contested. With no other real carry threats in the composition, if players do not find MF and Jinx they are doomed. However, the comp at full power with optimal Jinx and MF items is strong enough to wipe out any composition including Rebels.

B Tier (Comps that can consistently top 4 but rarely win)

-Mech-Pilot Infiltrator

Dark Star Shaco :: League of Legends (LoL) Champion Skin on MOBAFire

A decent counter pick into Rebels is the second reroll composition on this tier list. Mech-Pilot Infiltrator definitely has the power to rival any composition on this tier list however it takes a lot of things to go right to pull out a win. The composition relies on Shaco being the hyper carry while the Mech-Pilots buy ample time for Shaco to assassinate the entire team. A level three Shaco with optimal items can literally one-shot any champion in the game. Unfortunately for Shaco, he is very fragile. Any form of crowd control that hits him is an automatic death sentence for him and the comp. With the current meta having a crazy amount of CC between Protectors, Lulu, and GP, its very hard for Shaco to do his job. The silver lining here is that Quicksilver Sash is just what the doctor ordered. A Shaco three with Infinity Edge, Blood Thirster, and QSS is almost like the Rebel exodia. The comp is at full strength at level nine with optimal items across the board is the only composition strong enough to give Rebels at full power a run for their money. It’s so hard to get this comp to that level, but it’s not hard to get it to a level to consistently place in the top four with.


PROJECT: Irelia :: League of Legends (LoL) Champion Skin on MOBAFire

Everyone’s favorite easy comp to play. Throw in the six Cybernetic units and players have a very straightforward and easy comp to work with. The Cybernetic trait bonus looks insane on paper but raw stats are simply not good enough to win in this meta game. Every other comp higher on this tier list has a way higher damage cap and can execute it better. However, no comp is easier to force than Cybernetics. Do not expect to win many games with this composition. In fact, unless the entire lobby is unlucky and low rolls, dont expect to win at all. Irelia level three doesn’t even guarantee a win. But with the right items and right upgrades, this comp will net players easy top fours every game.

-Jhin Dark Stars

ArtStation - Dark Cosmic Jhin splash, Bo Chen

The newest comp to show up in the meta recently is Jhin comp. The composition focuses on buying time for Jhin to set up shop in a corner and take out the enemy team one by one. With Hurricane attached, Jhin actually does enough damage to take out the enemy team two by two. When it comes to raw damage, it’s very hard to beat this comp and the Vanguard frontline paired with Mystics make the comp pretty resilient. However, there is one thing that destroys this comp. Since Jhin needs very specific items in the forms of IE, Runnan’s Hurricane, and Guardians Angel, there is no protection from CC and this meta is full of it. Not only that but Mech-Pilot Infiltrator can straight up assassinate Jhin before he pops off. But even with the negatives, this comp spikes earlier than most. Even though it won’t win many games, it’s a fantastic comp to secure top four with. Also, this comp is getting buffed next patch so dont be surprised if it jumps a few spots in the coming weeks.

Honorable Mentions

– Kayle Blademasters

Kayle hyper carry caught some attention early on in the patch but has fallen off. She is a fantastic mid game carry but gets outclassed by every carry in the late game. Many compositions can play Kayle effectively but purely as a transition piece. With a couple of nerfs to its competition, this composition can jump in the tier list in the future.

– Star Guardians

Here is another composition that saw hype early on in the patch. Star Guardians Sorcerers busted onto the scene as a menace. The comp uses things like Mech-Pilots and Vel’koz to leave a path of destruction. But like Kayle, as the patch went on, players realized that Star Guardians simply got outclassed in the late game. The comp is still very scary in the mid-game. But without some buffs to the composition and some nerfs to the competition, Star Guardians will remain an afterthought on the tier list.

Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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