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Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.16 In-depth Champion Breakdown

Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.16 In-depth Champion Breakdown

Patch 9.16 has brought many changes to the game, including a multitude of champion updates. This list breaks down which changes mattered the most, and what they mean for the meta of Teamfight Tactics. Since, not every champion change is listed here, here are the patch notes for a full list.



Kha’zix’s non-isolated spell damage has been changed from 150/300/450 to 150/250/350. This removes a decent chunk of his power, but he is still worth picking up in the very early stages when there are fewer enemy units preventing isolation. The Void transition becomes more difficult because of this, since the primary early carry is down in power.


While Vayne did lose 0.05 AS, the compensation buff her Silver Bolts were given results in a net positive change. The % Max HP damage changing from 8%/10%/12% to 8%/12%/16% allows her to become a powerful force against Brawlers, Knights and full Nobles.


Last patch, Braum was a one size fits all frontliner who soaked up incredible amounts of damage. His loss of 100 HP is definitely going to hurt his usage and versatility. With the addition of Hextech, stacking units around each other is also frequently detrimental. All of these factors make Guardians fairly weak overall, so expect Braum to fall down most tier lists.


Zed was changed the most out of any unit. He was given 50 HP, 0.05 AS and 50 more damage on his ability per upgrade. These changes combined with the Ninja buff and popularity spike bring carry Zed back in a big way.


While Evelynn was not directly buffed, two bug fixes that improve the targeting of her spell along with the Demon rework has landed her in a spot of power. She is a fairly reliable unit in mid game and a good fit into Elementalist Ninja Assassin comps.


A 10 AD buff in addition to the buffs to her Origin and units used alongside her has made Akali into a viable pickup again. In addition to the usual items, look to make a Darkin instead of Seraph’s on her, as it allows for 4 Demons and potentially more mana regen than a Seraph’s could give.


Brand might be the strongest unit on the patch after the multitude of buffs he has been given. His ability damage has gone from 200/375/550 to 250/450/650 per bounce. His starting and total mana has changed from 0/125 to 50/150, making his first spell cast quicker. The Demon rework has by far the most importance for Brand. Every damage tick has the potential to steal mana back, making every bounce of his ultimate able help to fire the next one off. Give Brand some items and he becomes a team destroying machine.


After the horror that was Cho stacking meta, his spell damage has been slashed from 250/500/750 to 175/350/525. This, in addition to the Sorcerer and Morello nerfs has relegated Cho’gath to a fodder frontliner for Brawler comps.

Miss Fortune

MF has been in a rough spot for a while. She’s a 5 gold unit with early game synergies. Some love has been thrown her way in this patch, gaining 50 HP and needing only 75 mana to use her spell instead of 100. With the addition of Jinx, MF has a new buddy in the late game Gunslinger department. Players can now transition Trist items to Jinx and keep 4 Gunslingers, or sell Lucian and Graves to build better late game units. Watch for MF to be a dark horse unit this patch.


Overall, expect Demons to make a big return this patch. Brand, Evelynn, Varus and Swain are all valuable units that can be given items. Also, the ability to give the Darkin item to characters like Akali and MF open up many compositions to play around. While the Cho’gath stack might be gone, Brawlers can still be used as a wall of beef for your Gunslingers in Jinx and MF.


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