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Teamfight Tactics Competitive Tier List Patch 10.7 Week One

Warren Younger is a current Master Tier player on NA. He is always open to suggestions to make this weekly tier list better. Look for weekly tier lists every Monday.


Almost a week into patch 10.7 and the meta is shaping up nicely. Just like in patch 10.6, some comps have proven to be substantially better than the rest of the field. However, unlike patch 10.6, this current patch has multiple compositions that can win any lobby.

The keyword for this patch is Uncontested. Players will want to play compositions that are uncontested because in this patch hitting a three-star tier four-unit will likely win the game. There are quite a few different tier four units that are capable of winning games. Playing a composition that is uncontested is the best way at trying to find that win condition.

Here is an up to date tier list that separates compositions based on the average power level of each composition. The tier list also gives consideration to the optimal power level of each composition as well as how easy or hard it is to get to an optimal power level. Average power level means a composition has all upgraded units with decent items. Optimal power level means the composition has level three carry units with good items.

Tier list 10.7

S-Tier: Will top four at average power level, consistently win at optimal power level


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One of the best compositions in patch 10.6 has finally taken its place at the top in patch 10.7. Cybernetics are arguably the only composition on this list that can win lobbies even if it’s contested as it does not need the main carry, Irelia, to be three-star.

In patch 10.7, Cybernetics got a small nerf with Ekko‘s damage but saw a significant buff to Irelia. The Mana-Reaver trait got reworked in patch 10.7 making it so its only a two champion trait. The trait now says that Mana-Reaver champions increase opponents next ability mana cost by 40% on ALL hits. Due to Irelia being able to bounce around the board, this buff allows her to both assassinate anyone in her path while also making sure other champions cant assassinate her.

Even at two-star, this champion with optimal items like Guardians Angel, Infinity Edge, and BloodThirster can one-shot any other compositions carry. The rest of the composition is not very flexible in champions due to needing all six Cybernetics as well as Blademaster buff and Mana-Reaver buff. However, the items outside of Irelia are very flexible. Items like Zephyr and Thieves Gloves are great in this comp. Ekko can also be a secondary carry as well. The comp can win lobbies without a level three Irelia but against opponents that have their optimal power level online, level three Irelia will almost always win the game.


Shaco Splash art for tier list

The low-key menace from patch 10.6 has returned but it’s not low-key anymore. Despite Shaco‘s ability damage at three-star being nerfed by 50%, the best assassin in the game still does enough damage to one-shot anyone. Without the Rebel composition in the picture and with almost every meta composition having a carry backline, Mech-Infiltrator has proven to be one of if not the best comp in patch 10.7.

Shaco may be the star of the show but this comp actually has a supporting cast that can take over at anytime. Shaco is not the only unit players should be looking to three-star. Annie and Rumble are critical in this composition and demand attention as well, but it’s worth it. The unsung hero of this composition is the mech itself.

With a mech that has three stared Annie and Rumble along with a two-star Fizz, it becomes a near unkillable machine. This is obviously good for Shaco as it buys time for him to pick off opponents one by one. But the mech doesn’t just gain health for having three-star units in it. The mech gains substantial damage as well. Sometimes the mech can even out damage from a three-star Shaco with optimal items. Kai’Sa at level three can also be a major carry threat as well especially if players add in a Kayle or Miss Fortune for the Valkyrie trait. At optimal power, there is no comp on this list that is better than this comp.

However, with the composition needing multiple three-star units and it being very popular, be mindful of playing the comp as if it is super contested, it will be impossible to find the upgrades needed to gain LP. However, even at average power level the composition can still claim consistent top fours.

A-Tier: Consistently top four at average power level, can win at optimal power level.

-Jhin (Dark Stars and Vanguard)

Jhin splash art for tier list

Jhin was on everyone’s list of compositions that would flourish during patch 10.7. The comp saw a rework to the Dark Star trait as well as a buff to the Sniper class. All signs pointed at Jhin when it came to predicting the top tier comps of 10.7. However, as the meta started to form Jhin wasn’t as good as people thought he was going to be.

The buffs do help the composition but the meta does not. Having a Vanguard front line is great on paper but when Irelia and Shaco can dive the backline and kill Jhin immediately it does not matter. There is no debate that in front to back fights, Jhin is king but the problem is that there are not very many front to back fights right now. Jhin definitely still has the power level to win lobbies though. A three-star Jhin can simply wipe a team even before he gets jumped on. Even if he does, as long as he has GA he can simply shoot the assassins in the back as they mistakenly leave the presumed dead Jhin for other targets.

The six Dark Star variation of the comp might be the best version due to having a secondary carry option in Shaco. Despite the counters in the meta, this composition is a safe pick for top fours and can definitely still win lobbies with a Jhin 3.

-Kayle Hyper Carry

Kayle Guide :: League of Legends Kayle Strategy Build Guide on ...

In patch 10.7, Kayle fell slightly below the radar but still has an insane damage ceiling. Kayle at level three is arguably the most powerful tier four level three unit in the game. Kayle has mixed magic damage and physical damage that always crits below 50% due to the Valkyrie buff. She can also kill any unit while being safe from a distance due to her range. Kayle is already one of the best mid-game carry units but at level three, she can spike once more even when every other late-game composition spikes too. The composition also has secondary carry unit potential in both Irelia and Miss Fortune. A sneaky good comp that might be uncontested. If so this comp can definitely win with Kayle 3 and if not, it can secure safe top fours.

-Void Brawlers

Vel'Koz, the Eye of the Void - League of Legends

The set one classic is back and might be better than ever. This comp has the luxury of there being little to no item counterplay. With the Void bonus granting all void units true damage, it does not matter if players face a Xin Zhao with Dragon Claw and four mystics.  Vel’Koz will lazer right through it. If players manage to hit Vel’Koz 3 with optimal items such as Seraph’s Embrace, Deathcap, and a defensive item like Quicksilver Sash they will be in a fantastic position to win. However, the comp simply does not have enough power unless players have a Vel’Koz 3 and at least double Cho’Gath 2’s. The composition can still consistently top four without level three void units but it absolutely needs them to win games.

B-Tier: Consistent top four at average power, rarely wins at optimal power

-Jinx Brawlers

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The one comp waiting in the wings for its time to shine. Jinx Brawlers will have to wait a little longer. Everyone thought with Rebel’s falling off, Jinx and Miss Fortune would be free in the pool. Players thought Jinx Brawlers can finally take its place on the throne. Although that is partly true, this patch has shone that a three star jinx simply doesn’t have the firepower to match the other hyper carries.

The issue with this comp is that even with optimal items on Jinx, she needs to grab a couple of early kills to be able to delete teams with her ability. However, that simply doesn’t happen enough to make the investment worth it. Especially because other compositions just have a better time doing what Jinx wants to do. Which is front to back fighting.

Like many compositions in the meta, Jinx suffers from damage diving the backline. Irelia and Shaco are death sentences for Jinx. Vel’Koz and Kayle can delete Jinx from a distance too. Miss Fortune is a great secondary carry but is still better used in other composition like Kayle. The comp can still top four if the right upgrades are hit. But even with Jinx 3, this comp will have a hard time winning.

Honorable Mentions

-Star Guardians

A comp that is starting to pop up in Challenger lobbies. Despite not having the flashy firepower that the other comps have, Star Guardian Sorcerers are usually completely uncontested. Units like Syndra and Lux at three-star definitely have the firepower to delete teams. Like Mech Infiltrators, this comp relies on having multiple three stars. But since its uncontested, it might not matter that this comp has a low damage ceiling. If it can hit its optimal power level every time it can top four and maybe even win.


How the mighty have fallen. Although it hasn’t fallen harder than Rebel’s, Protectors cant hang like they used to. With a pretty big nerf to Xin Zhao, the comp has a harder time surviving long enough for Xin to solo teams. Also, damage levels due to level 3 tier four units make it hard for Xin Zhao to survive initial bursts. The comp can still top four if hit optimally but its peak is no longer good enough to win lobbies.

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