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Set Three Invitational Tournament for TFT is Coming

There has been a lot of news coming out about the third Teamfight Tactics set, TFT: Galaxies. People are speculating that a preview tournament would be coming. Riot has done a preview invitational for TFT in the past for the second TFT set, Rise of the Elements.

Although Riot themselves haven’t officially announced it, Cloud 9 TFT player, Michael “k3Soju” Zhang, announced on his live stream on Twitch that there will in fact be a Set three Invitational. He also said that the invitations have already been sent out.

What to expect

During the Set 2 invitational, Riot flew out a few of the most popular streamers on Twitch to compete in the exclusive tournament. At that invitational, Riot encouraged players to play creatively. They did this by introducing weird challenges that players had to achieve to earn points. These challenges were not received well by the community. The invitational also featured player interviews that happened while the players were competing live. This received mix reviews by both the players and the audience.

The prize pool for the set two invitational was 150,000 dollars spread out among the 16 players who were invited to the invitational. The energy drink company, Red Bull, sponsored the event as well.

Notable names included at the set two Invitational were Brian Kibler, David “Dog” Caero, Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, and William “Scarra” Li among others.

At the time of writing, it is unknown who has been invited to the set three invitational. However, according to k3Soju, some of the other highly ranked TFT players were not invited either. Specifically he mentions Golden Guardians’ player DeliciousMilkGG and Team Liquid’s Kurumx. It is also unknown what the format, sponsor, or prize pool will be for the invitational as well.

More details on the Invitational are expected to come out in the coming days. Stay tuned to The Game Haus for the latest information.

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