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TFT Set 6 Meta Prediction [11.22]

Set 6 Meta Prediction

Set 6 has finally arrived. With the arrival of the augment mechanic, TFT Set 6 is showing potential to be the best set yet. Many players enjoyed the flurry of emotions playing on the PBE and looked for new comps to help them get the wins for their next grind. With the finishing touches revealed, it seems like a perfect time to present a Set 6 meta prediction for the initial release.

Here are the TOP 5 comps most likely making their way into the TOP tier.

Chemtech Mutant

Like the beloved PB&J, Mutants and Chemtech make the perfect match. Due to Mundo having both traits, and both traits having a Twinshot, Archanist and a Challenger, the two mix and match perfectly.


  1. Reliable carry in every tier from 2 – 5 cost
  2. Easy pivot from innovator opener


  1. Some mutant buffs are not ideal, depending on a player’s items
  2. Requires Kai’sa to stay relevant late game
  3. Hard countered by healing reduction


When the game lead calls something “Exodia”, it’s strong. Just play it.


  1. Easy to pilot
  2. Can decide to play very early (1-3)
  3. It’s called “Exodia” for a reason


  1. Weak early game
  2. As the goal is to 3 star Veigar, HP management is a must
  3. Contested = Hold hands


Cavelier Duelist isn’t real. It can’t hurt you… The only melee carry trait makes its way into the list, as it showed amazing results through the entirety of the PBE run.


  1. Has two 4 cost carries and can use all Damage items
  2. Easy to flex in powerful traits like Enforcer and Clockwork
  3. One of the best comps to utilize the powerful Exile augment


  1. Need to sweat positioning every round
  2. Difficult to item hold without magnetic remover
  3. Hard countered by Frozen Heart

Sniper (Jhin)

Set 6 Meta

Fourth on the list is Snipers. More specifically, Jhin carry comps. A ranged unit with both DPS and burst, what could go wrong?


  1. One other sniper is enough for damage
  2. Two enforcers are easy to flex in
  3. Three augments passively give him free AD
  4. FOUR!!


  1. 1 cost unit (Caitlyn) is the best secondary sniper (to have Enforcer)
  2. 2 and 1 cost clockwork units are not very useful
  3. 3 star Jhin dealing “344%” damage triggers OCD
  4. FOUR!!


Set 6 Meta

Although very rarely played in the early stages of release, Assassins eventually became one of the strongest comps by the end of the PBE run. While Talon nerfs may hit hard for early game, Shako and Akali are sure to be able to pick up where he left off.


  1. Easy to force
  2. One of the best traits to utilize the powerful Knife`s Edge augment
  3. Akali can carry regardless of opponent positioning


  1. Falls off very fast
  2. No 4 cost carry unit
  3. Trait specific augments are not as powerful as others



Unfortunately, AP carries didn’t end up on the list this time, but the Academy buff may change that very soon.
(Meta predictions were made based on patch information and PBE gameplay)

Keep a close eye on the meta, as players learned on the PBE that Set 6 seems like a very flexible set. Not too many vertical traits appear to be over-powered at the moment, and comps are required to flex in a multitude of supporting trails/units, to customize their comp for every game.

Wishing everyone the best of luck on their climb, and don’t forget to have fun!

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