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Set 5 Tier List: Oh, to Hell-ions With it!

With a week of PBE under the belt, here’s a look at some of the strongest comps in Set 5 so far with the inaugural TGH TFT Set 5 Reckoning tier list.

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S Tier: Will Top 4 Almost Always / Can Win the Lobby

Slow-Roll Hellions

Hellions seem to be cementing their position as the household re-roll composition in Set 5, taking the mantle passed on by Yasuo from Set 4. They’re plentiful in the early stages of the game, boast some surprisingly strong units, and have a built-in loss mitigation mechanism in the form of Doppelhellions

Ziggs is going to be the main carry, being accessible early and taking advantage of the Hellion attack speed buff. Use Blue Buff to max out the Spellweaver bonus quickly and fire off bombs like a machine gun. He will also be the top priority to three-star. The player should play passively in the early game, maintaining a full econ and slow-rolling to hit as many three stars as possible. Viktor gives Ziggs the Spellweaver bonus and offers some extra backline protection with his shielding. Rell is the best option for completing the frontline, as her large stun will disrupt any assassins who may sneak their way to the backline, and she offers a ton of durability with the Cavalier bonus to protect the little guys. 

Dawnbringer Revenant

Dawnbringer has been dominating the PBE with its insane health recovery and plentiful carry options. This particular TFT sEt 5 Tier List will focus on Karma and Nidalee.

Nidalee is a highly mobile AD bruiser, able to hop from unit to unit, one-shotting them with her full crit build while dodging attacks. Karma stays in the backline, dealing out high amounts of AOE magic damage, only increased by the Invoker bonus. Ivern makes up for the lack of frontline with the Daisy summon, and Nocturne offers some backline disruption while also granting the Revenant and Assassin bonuses. Soraka is also an incredible utility piece, significantly slowing down the enemy’s cast rates. Shadow Spear of Sojin and Mor-evil-nomicon are amazing items for her to significantly reduce any healing that may be preventing the carries from doing their jobs. 


A Tier: Likely Top 4/Can win if optimally built

Legionnaire Draven

Draven’s 1v9 mentality has made a successful transition over from the Rift to Teamfight Tactics, hitting like a truck and instantly power-spiking any comp he’s put in. This comp exemplifies Draven’s better qualities and gives him an extremely tanky frontline so he can put on a show without interruption. 

Legionnaire has been shining in the early PBE days, boasting some extremely powerful units that utilize the bonus well. While the Knights offer a nice frontline, Yasuo and Kayle are amazing secondary carry options, and the Verdant bonus ensures that Draven can recover from the Riskthirster downside while building up his attack speed with Guinsoo’s Rageblade

Redeemed Vel’Koz


This comp feels like a healthier version of tanky one-shot comps seen in sets past like Vanguard Mystics Ahri and Neeko. This time, the resistances are a little more evenly spread out across the entire team, and the ‘one-shot’ is more of a fast burn. 

Vel’Koz is the main carry of this comp, using his large laser beam to melt opponents who are too busy dealing with the extremely tanky Ironclad-Redeemed frontline. Viktor is the best choice to round out the Spellweaver bonus, as his ability provides a shield to the backline.

While this comp is strong, players will have a tough time surviving early, as the Redeemed synergy lacks an early game damage-dealer. Syndra can be a viable option to stack some damage on, as her ability will keep dangerous units away from the backline and deal some AOE damage. 


In a similar vein to Set 4.5’s Slayers, Skirmishers bring the TFT Set 5 Tier List a nice hybrid of durability and damage, acting as their own frontline while capable of melting squishier targets. These units also possess a decent amount of mobility and crowd control, meaning that they just need a couple of complementary units to stand on their own. 

Jax is the main carry, being a durable frontline unit with the ability to hop around the map whacking away at tankier enemies while one-shotting the squishier backliners. Nidalee is the secondary carry, being a squishier version of Jax with a little more burst. Pantheon and Trundle are amazing frontline units with their abilities and the Dragonslayer bonus allowing them to melt enemy frontlines significantly quicker. Rell as always is an amazing complementary piece granting the Ironclad bonus to the team and stunning half the board with her ultimate.

B Tier: Can top four/ probably won’t win lobbies without highroll

Renewer Invoker Coven

Karma is one of the strongest carries in the game at the moment, so this comp is built completely around her, granting her plenty of mana to constantly cast her ability, and some surprising amount of survivability. 

Vladimir will be the main frontline of this comp, and Lissandra will be the early game carry until Karma is found. These two can be a pretty decent early game comp along with Coven, and will keep the player’s health afloat until the more expensive units are found. 

The Coven bonus seems to have been built for Karma, granting an extra 50% spell power and 25% of the other Coven units’ mana costs to the leader. Once the team is put together, Karma will be dealing insane amounts of damage, while the revenants act as a faux frontline and Soraka disrupting the enemy’s cast rates, playing a similar role from the Dawnbringer comp. 

Zz’rot Abomination

While this comp has received a couple of nerfs already before even seeing the light of day on live servers, Abomination is still a late-game terror with its unmatched stalling power. 

While Ryze is the main carry of this comp with his AOE stun and damage, the other Abomination units’ job is just to hold ZZ’rots both to draw attention away from Ryze and give them to Sion once they perish. Sion then becomes a giant Trojan horse for three Zz’rots, charging to the enemy backline, knocking them up and dealing some damage, only to spawn three more Zz’rots once he dies. By the time this all occurs, Ryze should already be well on his way to wiping out the whole team. Volibear, Kindred and the Verdant units are only there for extra protection and a secondary damage option in the form of Kayle

Abomination has been tuned down quite a bit since its debut, now requiring four Abomination units to make Sion appear. Even so, spawning six Zz’rots total and having an extra tank spawn to protect the high-DPS caster is still a pretty solid comp. The Abomination nerf will also increase the availability of the units, as the nerf will significantly decrease their early game presence. 

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Anonymous April 24, 2021 at 4:34 am

It takes 3 abominations to summon sion.


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