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Riot Games Officially Announces Next TFT Set Theme: Galaxies

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The wait is finally over, TFT Set three officially has a theme, Galaxies. In a developer update, they made the announcement along with confirming a brand new mechanic. They have also confirmed that they will be releasing the new TFT Set next month.

“The new set places you in the midst of a League universe-spanning intergalactic war bringing new champions, traits, skins, boards, Little Legends, and a new set-wide mechanic.”

While many already had an idea that this theme would involve space, they may not have expected a totally new mechanic. They mentioned that with the Elemental Hexes it gave the feel of replayability due to every game feeling different. This is what they wanted and are wanting this new Set to have a similar feel. This new feature will share the same title as the set, Galaxies.

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“Here’s how it works: In addition to games with normal rulesets, some games of TFT will take you to a different galaxy where the rules are just a bit different.

For example, one Galaxy you might travel to is the Neekoverse Galaxy, where everyone starts with two Neeko’s Help items ready to go.”

They then go into the possibility of a Galaxy that has only 4-cost champions on the opening carousel. With this came an explanation of the fact that like the Elemental Hexes, players won’t know what Galaxy they are in until the game starts. Unlike the Elemental set though, this set will have new Galaxies added as the set goes on. They also mentioned that some may go away as well.

Their reasoning behind doing this? They want “increased variance and more adaptability”. Also, the goal will be to make sure everything about the Galaxy is clear from the very beginning. Lastly, they wanted the game to be expandable unlike Rise of the Elements. This means they can add more as time goes on.

To end the announcement, they let players know that next week they would be showing off a few of the brand new traits.

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