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Players Ready to Roll Ahead of the Liquid Galaxy Finals

Liquid Galaxy Finals

Hundreds of Teamfight Tactics players entered Team Liquid’s Liquid Galaxy Qualifier. Eight weeks later only eight remain. After Saturday a champion will be crowned at the Liquid Galaxy Finals.

The LGQ has concluded its pre-lim stage. After eight weeks of competition, the eight weekly winners will be playing in the Liquid Galaxy Finals with a lot on the line. On top of being live-streamed on the front page of Twitch, the tournament has a cash prize as well as something even more important up for grabs. The top two competitors in the eight-person finale will earn a spot at the OCENA Finals where a field of the 24 best players from North America and Oceania will duke it out against each other to decide who will be representing their region at the TFT: Galaxies Championship.

All eight competitors in the Liquid Galaxy Finals got here by winning one of the weekly 512 person tournaments. Players from a wide variety of backgrounds and ranks have made their way to the final eight. Some players are favorites to win the event. Others are underdogs who are unknown. But one thing is common between all the competitors, everyone in the final believes they have a real shot at winning the entire event.

“I dont really know a lot of the players so I cant say for sure, but everyone has a chance of winning.” said Robin “Robinsongz” Sung.

Robinsongz won the week three LGQ. The Challenger ranked player has been a dominant force in the North America TFT scene for while. In fact, he has a spot at the OCENA Final virtually locked up through his performance on the NA ranked leader board. The top 16 players on the NA leader board will earn an automatic spot at the OCENA regional finals, which means they do not have to earn a spot through the LGQ. According to Riot Games official spreadsheet that is tracking placements, Robinsongz is ranked as the sixth-best player in NA. Even though he does not need to do well in the Liquid Galaxy Finals he said he’s still going to play his best.

“I want to prove to myself and others that I can win a whole tournament that involved many high elo players.” Robinsongz said. “Also for clout, so my stream can grow.”

Robinsongz is one of two players in the finale that are sitting within the top 16 players in NA. The other player is week eight winner, Marcus “M35S” Salinas. Robinsongz pointed at him as the favorite to win the entire event. The two of them just played against each other in the same group in the other qualifying tournament, Cloud 9’s Nebula Invitational. M35S made it out of the group in second place, Robinsongz barely missed out in 5th. Robinsongz spoke highly of M35S but mentioned another Challenger ranked player as well.

“Simple Plan, but he has dropped a lot of LP, he said it’s because he doesn’t care for the game right now.” Robinsongz said. “But if he tries, he will be scary”.

Here is the qualified player list up through week seven. Qualified players are on the right. M35S won the week eight event rounding out the eight players in the Liquid Galaxy Final. (Credit to Team Liquid.)

Jesse “Simple Plan” Canning won the very first LGQ back in week one. Simple plan has been a staple on the Challenger leader boards for months. However, with a rough couple of patches, his ranking has dropped. On the official Riot Games spreadsheet, Simple Plan is just outside the top 32. On a more accurate spreadsheet, he is as high as 22. Regardless, Simple Plan is currently on the outside looking in. Simply put, Simple Plan needs this event to get him to the OCENA Final. Despite the immense pressure of not performing well recently heading into the biggest event of the year, hes not worried.

“I’d be a little disappointed if I don’t move on, but I wouldn’t necessarily be surprised.” Simple Plan said. “I’ve been involved in games with variance my whole life and understand that anything can happen in a tournament.”

Simple Plan is a former poker professional who currently plays fantasy sports professionally alongside TFT. He said playing poker has helped him keep his head up while not playing well.

“It keeps me calm and thinking of the bigger picture.” Simple Plan said. “I think a big problem that players have in TFT even at the higher levels is that they struggle to handle the mental aspects because they get too invested in what’s happening to them in real-time.”

Simple Plan said he’s approaching the Liquid Galaxy Finals with a “whatever happens, happens” mindset.

“I know it sounds like I don’t care if I win or lose but I really would like to win and I am going to play my best.” Simple Plan said. “I’m not going to stress myself too hard over the results of the tournament.”

Another player taking the same mindset is tournament underdog Stephen “BooWee” Buie. Buie was only Diamond at the time of his week four LGQ victory. The huge underdog, he’s been in this situation before and he’s ready to prove everyone wrong once again.

“After seeing everyone in the lobby, I think it’s possible to top two.” BooWee said. “I for sure think ill be top four”.

BooWee is coming into the Liquid Galaxy Finals as the lowest-ranked player. But he has made strides since his week five win. The now master ranked player has made improvements to show his victory wasn’t a fluke. He said he’s very confident in his skill set. He also claimed that a top-two finish can definitely happen.

“They are human too, they can mess up.” BooWee said. “I can play well enough to be here so its possible.”

The thrilling conclusion to the LGQ series is happening this weekend. Tune into on Saturday July 18th at 12pm PST to catch the action.

Featured Image Courtesy of Team Liquid
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