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Patch Rundown – Top Three TFT 10.21 Meta Predictions

The new patch has just released for TFT and with it a bunch of new changes to the meta game. Need to know what the new patch has in store? Here are the top 3 predictions for Patch 10.21.

Ninja’s will finally be meta

TFT 10.21 Predictions - Kennen

Over the last couple of patches, Riot has tried to make Ninja’s playable but have had no success in doing so. When Ninja’s were last in TFT a year ago, the one ninja buff was still at 50 AD and SP and the four Ninja buff was at 80 AD and SP. In the first patch of TFT set four the four Ninja buff was increased to 120 but they still haven’t seen play. Heading into patch 10.21 the 4 Ninja Buff has nearly doubled to 150 AD and SP which is nearly double its set one mark.

Ninja’s have seen play with stand alone carries like Zed and sometimes the occasional Akali but the four buff has not been messed with. Kennen in particular has been an afterthought but he isnt anymore. Alongside the Ninja buffs, Kennen himself received a massive buff to his ability’s damage at 3*. His ability now does 1350 damage base which is up from the previous 900, a 450 damage increase. Kennen has gone from an afterthought to overpowered and with his buffs and the Ninja core, expect to see Ninjas at the top of the meta game.

Last Weeks S-Tier comps will still be meta

TFT 10.21 Predictions - Ashe

In last week’s Meta Snapshot, there were three S-Tier comps in the game. Elderwood Ashe, Dusk Riven, and Vanguard Mystic Ahri. In patch 10.21 all three of these comps took a hit but they are not the end of the world.

Elderwood Ashe saw a nerf to the two Hunter trait bonus which now does 150% bonus damage instead of 175% which hurts Ashe’s and Warwick’s damage output slightly but with the new Static Shiv and Divine changes, perhaps they can just regain the damage output through other means. This comp may actually remain in S-tier

Dusk Riven saw a nerfs to Riven herself but only at 3*. Kayn received some nerfs but Lilia got a slight buff. Overall this comps is still in a great position, expect to see this comp in A-tier.

Finally there is Vanguard Mystic Ahri. Ahri saw probably the biggest nerfs of all the champs on the list as she has 50 less base health and her ability does 50 less damage at 2*. This means she probably wont be able to cast if she’s on the frontline but if shes played on the backline she will still cast. The damage nerf isn’t that significant due to the itemization Ahri uses. Double Jeweled Gauntlet or Jeweled Gauntlet/Infinity Edge combo is still going to destroy boards. Expect this comp to stay around the S-Tier/A-Tier range.

The new Moonlight change will be fun to play and actually pretty decent.

TFT 10.21 Predictions - Moonlight

Cultist and Moonlight got some pretty big changes in patch 10.21. Moonlight got a new chase trait with the Five Moonlight buff and Cultists now work similar to Mech-Pilot in set three. Although these changes are exciting, they probably wont live up the hype entirely.

To get to the five Moonlight buff, players now need a chosen Moonlight unit and all the other Moonlight units as well. If a player does this, they are rewarded with two upgraded units instead of one. The appeal of this is that it is now possible to have two 4* units at the same time but the cost to get there seems a little extreme. For that to happen, a player needs to 3* four different units which is a lot of gold committed to achieve a payout that might not be worth it.

However, navigating the mid-game is going to be easier because while a player is rolling for those 3* units, at least two units will see the temporary buff to 3* each round which makes the process a lot less painful. This comp probably wont be at the top of the rankings but could cement itself as a nice high B-tier or low A-tier comp.

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