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Overview and Analysis of TFT Patch Notes 9.24, Including the Introduction of 3 New Champions

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TFT’s long-awaited 9.24 patch notes have finally arrived, bringing with them three new champions alongside a host of other changes. Lucian, Senna and Amumu are the first champions added to TFT’s second patch, with Senna being the first champion new to League of Legends to be featured in the auto-chess mode.

But, outside of these shiny new champions, there are also a lot of significant balance changes coming in this patch. Those can be seen in detail from their original source here, with an overview and analysis of the most pertinent changes below.

[Update: TFT 9.24 is now live!]

What the new Champions Bring

Amumu, Senna and Lucian each bring their own unique flair to the game. While Amumu is Warden/Inferno, utilizing two things already in the game, Senna and Lucian are each Soulbound, which essentially links the two champions, keeping them fighting until both are dispatched.

These things, combined, could increase the viability of healing-based comps centered around Druid or Light, with heavier champs like Warden’s also seeing more usage. But, considering the nerfs to several Druids and a buff to Giant Slayer, that could also be called into question.

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Nerfs to Druids, Brand, Singed and More

One thing most players will be excited about are the nerfs coming in this patch. Nearly all of the things being nerfed seem widely agreed upon to have been out of balance. Chief among these are Brand, Singed and the two Druids, Ivern and Maokai.

The nerfs to Ocean, Annie, Renekton and Phantom Dancer are less expected, however, they should help to open up other types of compositions, potentially featuring Cloud, Electric or Light. Specifically, in the case of Phantom Dancer, it’s nerf should also pave the way for Assassins to become very strong against backlines.

Stocks Rising for Champs fit to use Giant Slayer

This patch notably buffs Giant Slayer, an item that got extremely out of hand in Set 1 when paired with Jinx or Varus. Now, in Set 2, it’s power may be creeping upwards, especially considering the buffs to Rangers and two Blademasters (Yasuo and Aatrox). It’s unclear how strong this will make the item, however, if it were to become too powerful, Wardens and other tanky champs will no doubt have a hard time keeping up.

If however, this is not as powerful, Wardens are creeping into the meta in a serious way as well. With Taric and Malphite getting buffed, alongside Light, there could be several comps built to be as tanky as possible, with the healing and attack boost from Light helping to provide the DPS. It will likely be more of a mix between Wardens and Blademasters/Rangers, but keep an eye on them nonetheless.

Updated UI and Quality of Life Changes

Other neat changes coming to TFT are the new upgrades to the shopping bar at the bottom of the screen and the new “Home Button.” This button appears when you’re scouting on other players’ boards or the carousel and can be used to quickly return to your home board. The new “Carousel Button” takes you back to the carousel when looking anywhere else during the shared draft.

new ui tft


This patch will be live tomorrow for players to enjoy if things proceed as they typically do. In the meantime, to help gain more of an understanding of TFT and it’s latest Seasonal Set, be sure to check out our Complete Guide to TFT Rise of the Elements. If you’re already a master, tell a friend!

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