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Overview and Analysis of TFT Patch 9.23, feat. Ranked Changes and Several Balance Updates

tft 9.23 patch notes

TFT’s latest patch notes, 9.23, have been officially announced in their entirety. Among the changes coming in this patch are updates to the ranked system (including a full rank reset) and a laundry list of balances to 15+ champs and multiple items.

Oh, and don’t forget the True Damage Little Legends.

The balance changes can be found in their fullness on the League of Legends website and a breakdown of the most note-worthy can be seen below.

Ranked Changes

In short, here are the changes coming to this upcoming competitive season:

  • Everyone will be reset back to Iron rank (full rank reset).
  • Soft MMR reset, not a full one.
  • No losing LP for placing 4th or better.

These changes can be seen more in their fullness here.

Power Shift

According to developers, two and three-star champs have felt a bit underpowered at higher levels, making players favor one-cost champs more as a result. Because of that, the following champions have been buffed at higher levels. This should, hopefully, combat the extreme hyperrolling of one-cost units, at least slightly, and make those mid-game units scale better into the late-game.

tft 9.23

Item Nerfs

It’s worth noting that no items were buffed in this patch and only four were nerfed. This likely indicates that developers deemed the traits and champions as being more what was making the game less balanced. This makes sense considering the items from set 1 were mostly the same as those in set 2.

Regardless, here are the changes coming to items in patch 9.23.

tft 9.23 item changes

18 Champions Directly Buffed/Nerfed

Even outside of those affected by trait updates, 18 champions were individually affected by these patch notes. While it’s hard to say yet which will be meta and which will be less optimal, due to the volume of the changes, it’s clear that games played on 9.23 should look much different than those on 9.22. Expect less dominance from Light, Berserker and Shadow with perhaps more Warden, Ocean and Mage coming into the meta game.

Patch 9.23 is expected to hit live servers on Wednesday, November 20. Until then, be sure to check out The Game Haus’s collection of guides for the new Elemental set. Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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