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Overview and Analysis of TFT Patch 9.22, Rise of The Elements

The time has come, set one will be leaving, for now, and set two will be taking its place. Rise of the Elements, as the set has been named, will feature all-new synergies, champions and abilities. While there will be some aspects staying, it feels like almost a completely new game. The patch will be live on Wednesday November 6. With that, here are the biggest changes players will need to take note of.

*Full Changes Can Be Found Here

All New Champions

With set two come almost all new champions. Aatrox, Brand, Braum, Varus, Vayne, Veigar and Warwick all have the same abilities and costs but different classes and origins. Ashe, Kha’Zix, Kindred, Rek’Sai, Volibear, Yasuo and Zed return but completely changed. Outside of them, there are 38 brand new champions that completely change the meta. This includes Qiyana who changes based on the board (explained below) and Lux who is the first seven-cost unit and who can be any of the elements.

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Courtesy of Reddit User: TheShadiestofLamps
The new synergies are:
  • Crystal
  • Desert
  • Electric
  • Glacial
  • Infernal
  • Light
  • Mountain
  • Ocean
  • Poison
  • Shadow
  • Steel
  • Wind
  • Woodland
  • Alchemist
  • Assassin
  • Avatar
  • Berserker
  • Blademaster
  • Druid
  • Mage
  • Mystic
  • Predator
  • Ranger
  • Summoner
  • Warden

The Board Matters Even More

With Rise of the Elements comes a new challenge, not with champions, this time with the board. There will be up to two tiles that will have elements attached to them. They represent the four elemental drakes in League of Legends: Infernal, Ocean, Mountain and Cloud. Putting a unit on one buffs that units but takes the place of one item slot. Here is what each one does:

Infernal: Increases a unit’s attack speed for that round.
Ocean: Gives a unit additional starting mana for that round.
Mountain: Increases a unit’s maximum health each round.
Cloud: Gives a unit an increased chance to dodge basic attacks.

Along with this, the board has been increased from 6 rows of 7 hexes to 8 rows of 7 hexes. Meaning that each player is given an extra row to position with.

Courtesy of: l2pbomb

Ranked is Currently Disabled

Ranked will be gone for all of patch 9.22 but will be coming back in 9.23. Along with this, they have made the change that finishing in 4th place or higher will never deduct LP. This had been a problem in higher elos.To even that change out they are making it so that placing 5th or lower will never reward LP. The last change of note that they are making is that they are decreasing the amount of challenger and grandmaster slots to make sure that everything near the top has the appropriate distribution of players.

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Major Item Changes

Cursed Blade is getting removed and instead, that recipe will make Ruunan’s Hurricane. Spatula items will have the biggest changes as there are brand new synergies.

Spatula + Needlessly Large Rod = Inferno’s Cinder
Spatula + Tear of the Goddess = Mage’s Cap
Spatula + Chain Vest = Warden’s Mail
Spatula + Negatron Cloak = Talisman of Light
Spatula + Sparring Gloves = Berserker’s Axe

Along with these changes, Spatula items no longer give double stats. The last changes worth noting are that Dragon’s Claw only provides 50% Magic Reduction instead of 75%, Giant’s Slayer deals 8% Current Health as Physical Damage instead of 5% Max Health True Damage and lastly that Thieves Gloves got buffed for average value of items at Levels 8 and 9.


Additionally, be sure to check out our ChampionClass, Element and Item tier lists for Patch 9.22. These will be updated as developers continue to make changes in future patches.

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