With Set 5.5 coming to an end, the scramble to grind the ladder has began. For those still looking for a comp guide to help farm that sweet LP, here is a beloved pocket pick, the “Spicy Calamari.

TL;DR, it’s Brand and Vel’Koz. Thats it. GLHF.

For those who have the time, here is the comp guide.

This guide will include:

  1. A Comp Introduction
  2. How to pilot through the game
  3. Late Game Comp Variations
  4. Item Details
  5. Final Tips
Comp introduction

Those who have played the recent patches may see this and think it’s just “Abom Vel”, which was one of the most powerful and popular comps of past patches. In a nutshell, it is, but due to the “spicy” new changes of patch 11.20, including a second radiant item, as well as the potential for getting even more items from blessing orbs, the dynamic duo is seeing much more potential for flexibility.

Below are the Pros and Cons of this comp.


1. Requires only 2 stars for all units
2. Very flexible with traits and units
3. Easy to learn


1. Requires twp specific items to be completed by 3-5
2. Falls off late game
3. Difficult to master

Core units: Brand and Vel Koz

They are the main carries, and one cannot function without the other. The beauty of this comp, however, is that those are the only two units required, and they only need to be 2 starred. Everything else is flexible.

Core items: Blue Buff, Morellonomicon (for Brand)

The two items are pretty much a must, with BB being absolute. (Getting away without a Morello is possible, but fails more times than not)

Next just start throwing AP/Mana items on Vel’Koz and tanks items on any high HP tank.

Very flexible, very simple.

As for the first carousel, try to grab a tear. Other options would be to grab the rod or belt.

Getting at least two of the four components (with at least one being a tear) after the first armory on 2-2 is a green light to go ahead with the comp.

If the two items can’t be found, the comp may not work out for that game.

Why does it work?

Due to the extra items being implemented, Vel’Koz was able to break the shackles of Abom, freeing up 2-3 unit slots for the board. Because of the changes, players are able to be more flexible and allow for situational swaps to optimize against a variety of boards.

To be more specific, the extra items let players afford to itemize Brand. With the items, Brand is able to spray the enemy with MR reduction while ramping up spellweaver, and Vel’Koz can clean up the board.
Also, Brand items are preferred to be normal items, which allows for tank/utility radiant items to be chosen. This leads to two strong carries and one stacked radiant tank, with a sprinkle of defensive traits to buy enough time. Just try to remember Kayle from Set 5. (cringy face)


Early game (Lv 3-5)   

Buy Brawlers and Knights. Also, get Ziggs. As Ziggs will be the early game carry, Knights with Poppy is suggested, but 2 star Gragas will work fine as well. In that case, damage units can be Ka’Zix to hold BB and Pyke to hold Morello. Make sure to swap over at the first sight of Brand.

As for frontline options, Knights are easier to stabilize going forward, and Brawlers will make it easier to splash in Abom. Just play what is given, as the strongest board is always the best choice. Keep leveling and maintain econ, the basics. Loss streaking is fine, as this comp stabilizes at Stage 3.

Standard start
Alternative start

Mid game (Lv 6-7)

Players should 2 star Brand, and form a reliable frontline. Is it 4 Knights? Abom? Maybe a lucky early Rell showed up? Try to keep the board as full of defensive traits as possible. FYI, Cavaliers are bait, don’t take it. Make sure to slap any AP/Mana items on Ziggs, but when Vel’Koz shows up, swap him out. Below are some examples of mid-game boards.

4 Knights
Early Rell
Highrolling Abom

Late game (Lv8-9)

Players should 2 Star Vel’Koz as well as anything else on the board. Make sure the 2 spellweavers are on the board, and anything else is situational. Against 3+ AP units, opt for mystics, if the enemy has heavy AD, fit in ironclad. Brawler revs are always a great frontline as well. This board caps very fast, so try to hold units on the bench to switch and swap per match. Level 9 is optional, so just decide based on how stable the board is, and econ. Below are just some ideas of End game boards. Make sure to be creative, and responsive to enemy boards.

A little bit of everything
Chivalry at its finest
Old faithful


Item details:

Other than BB and Morello, anything goes. Try to get at least two tank items, before investing in Vel’Koz, but if AP/Mana items keep coming, just accept them with open arms. For radiant items, the priority is Brand items (only if necessary) > Tank items (up to a total of 3 completed items) > Vel’Koz items. One exception may be the Hextech Lifeblade (Radiant Hextech Gunblade). This item as a 3rd item on Brand is quite amazing, and might even do more for the team than a single tank item. Try to keep that in mind if it ever shows up in the shop.

As for spatulas, they can be made into Cavalier or Redeemed. Making a spellweaver emblem is highly unrecommended, as both Brand and Vel’Koz are irreplaceable. (Yes, even with a Heimerdinger)


Final Dos and Don’ts

Do :

  1. Play aggressively early. Play strongest board and slam items (greeding only for brand items). This comp is a strong mid-game comp, so even if on a lose streak, do everything to preserve as much HP as possible, to leave some breathing room for later on.
  2. Know synergies and champion mechanics. Brand requires time to burn through enemy units. Try to maximize the use of frontline beef and CC to buy the time he needs.
  3. Scout and position. This comp requires Velkoz to be well-positioned, as well as safe from any assassins or other potential threats. Never be satisfied with any one position, and always be sweating with swapping around units to keep the enemy sweating as well.

Don’t :

  1. Don’t play Cavaliers for frontline. It’s a highly contested trait as well as requires 1, if not multiple, 3 stars to be viable tanks in the late game. They are also unable to clump, when necessary. As for Rell, she is a very viable AOE CC tank unit, so user her for ironclad and fill the rest with other defensive units.
  2. Don’t get upset with TOP 4. All cards on the table, as this comp caps early, it has a very hard time getting 1st. Even with a 3 star Vel’Koz, if the enemy has multiple 2-star legendries, it can definitely lose. It will however, get a fairly consistent TOP 4, so play for that. As far as LP goes, TOP 4 is a win.
  3. Don’t give up. With the second radiant item power spike, Brand and Vel’Koz working together has the potential to win streak all of stage 5. Just trust them and let them carry.

Thanks for reading the guide! Hope everyone enjoyed it!

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