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New TFT Set 6 Mechanic Hextech Augments Revealed

TFT Set 6 Mechanic Hextech Augments

In a YouTube Developer Diary, Riot Games and the TFT team announced TFT Set 6. This new Set is bringing with it massive changes, specifically adding the Hextech Augments to the game. This new mechanic will certainly allow for the game to be played in a different way. Here is a look at the TFT Set 6 Mechanic Hextech Augments.

Many New Champions and Traits Revealed

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Hextech Augments were given in a press release as well by the Riot Games and TFT Dev Team. Here is a look at how they describe the new TFT Set 6 Mechanic, Hextech Augments.

“In addition to the new setting and new champions, the next set of TFT will have a new mechanic. Throughout the course of a game, you will be offered Hextech Augments that provide varied and powerful effects for your team, and change the way you approach the game.

Some of them are direct army enhancements. For example: one gives all your ranged champions an additional 2 hexes of range; another gives every champ on your team that already has an item an additional 200 HP and 20 Attack Damage.

Other Hextech Augments can change your playstyle. For example, one of them gives you 1 additional gold and a free shop reroll each time you lose a combat, allowing you to play a loss streak style even better.  And some Hextech Augments may open up new strategies, like the ability to see which opponent you’re going to fight each combat. There are a ton of possibilities, and each game will be radically different.”

What is coming?

There is not much more information given than this at the moment but once more is known this post will be updated. For now, players will just get to see things as they are revealed. Either way, Hextech Augments seem as though they will allow for players to play in an almost more individualized way than most other mechanics that were added to TFT in the past.

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