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New Teamfight Tactics Galaxies Pass Announced: Includes Little Legends, Arenas and More

To start what could be a big day of announcements for TFT Set 3, Galaxies, Riot announced the TFT Galaxies Pass. This pass will have two levels. A free one just called TFT Galaxies Pass and then a TFT Galaxies Pass+ that can be bought for 1350 RP (equivalent to about $10 USD). They will be available from the start of the new set until June 9. Check below for more specifics.

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How TFT Makes Money

The announcement started with the dev team explaining that they didn’t love the randomness of the eggs and that they had heard the complaints about that and the way the beta pass was working. Then, they went into three ways they guide themselves on making money in TFT.

  1. “Never pay for power or gameplay advantages”
  2. “Have fun and engaging cosmetics, no matter how much you spend”
  3. “Creat content that allows you to express yourself and say what you want to say”

All three of these came with deeper explanations but their concept is similar to League of Legends. They want to allow for expression in fun or cute ways. This allows them to make the game without having to have people pay for it.

Free Version of the Pass

The free version will be available at the beginning and have similar rewards as the beta pass has had. That said, there will be things that either aren’t available or will take a while to earn. Here is what is known to be in the pass so far.

  • Better arenas instead of just recolored ones.
  • New space-themed emotes.
  • Two Little Legends at the end.

Pass+ Version

This version will cost 1350 RP as stated before. It will also automatically unlock 20 levels of rewards and the UFO Sprite which features the originals River Sprite in a UFO. For the 20 levels of rewards that are unlocked, this likely means most if not all of the free stuff is already unlocked when purchased. Here is the rest of what is known to be available in the Pass+ version that is not in the free version.


  • UFO Sprite
  • 1 and 2-Star Versions of the limited-time Astronaut Molediver.
  • TFT Booms! These are modifications to the damage particles sent from Little Legends and in-game units.
  • “A bunch of Little Legends eggs to unlock”
  • Extra bonus rewards at the end including “a guaranteed Legendary Little Legend”

Last Pass Notes

They have officially gotten rid of the Orb of Enlightenment and replaced it with “a flat amount of XP each time you finish a game of TFT.” Players can always gain XP, there will never be a cap on how much can be gained. This means that every game played will earn XP.

They are also redoing the missions. There will be three now instead of six meaning they will take longer. They will unlock each week and all will be worth 200XP. The goal is to also make them more interesting, meaning no more missions like playing a certain amount of games to a certain point in the game.

Other New Things

Ranked Rewards

While they gave out emotes for season one, they are working on giving out special Little Legends for reaching certain ranks while also keeping ranked emotes. This will work similarly to League of Legends Victorious skin at the end of each year. There will be one for Rise of the Elements along with one for Set 1. They have not been revealed yet but there is a concept image below. Also, they will be finished with them in “the next couple months.”


New Little Legends










Little Legends Eggs

They will be making it easier to get specific Little Legends. There will be specific ones from the previous Series that will be available for direct purchase with more to come. A person can buy each of them that are available only one time.

With this they will either get the 1-Star version of it or an upgrade to the next level. This means that players can’t buy them multiple times in order to get the 3-Star version. That said, they are working on ways to gain more upgrades in the future and will have their plans revealed later this year.

New Arenas




They are also stating that Odyssey themed arenas will be coming in a couple of patched. They can be bought individually for 1380 RP each or as a bundle of all three for 2900 RP.

Mobile Announcements

TFT mobile is coming soon. It will have cross-play and shared progression on a player’s account. Here are some other notes from the announcement.

  • Full store won’t be available on Mobile at launch. They want to make sure the game is stable first.
  • TFT Galaxies Pass+ will be available right away.
  • Free pass will be active and progression will be stored for future purchases.
  • People can purchase Little Legends on PC and then use them on their mobile devices.

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