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NA and OCE Join Forces as Path to the TFT Championship is Revealed

Back in early April, Riot revealed a sneak peek at the first ever Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Global Championship. On May 1st, Riot finally laid out the official road map. Players from the North American region now know how to qualify for the TFT Championship but with a twist. The best players from the Oceanic region will join them.

In an official post, Riot announced that instead of the top 16 NA players qualifying for the North American finals, the top 24 players will instead, with a twist. The previously left out Oceanic region will be sending their top four players to the regional finals too. That means the newly formed OCENA region will be sending 24 players to the regional final. The OCENA final will decide which two players qualify for the Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Global Championship.

Along with that announcement, Riot has also shared the criteria on how they are choosing the 24 players to send. NA gets 20 of the 24 slots at the regional finals. 20 spots will go the highest-ranked players on the competitive ranked ladder. Riot will be taking weekly snapshots of the ladder every Tuesday starting on the May 12th until the July 28th. The top 300 will earn points each week at snapshot time. After 12 weeks, the top 20 players with the most points will earn a spot at the regional final. The final four spots will be rewarded in the same way but for the Oceanic region.

The final four spots for NA will go to the top individuals in two upcoming partnered tournaments. Team Liquid will host the first of two events starting in mid-May. They will host qualifying events each weekend starting May 16th through July 12th. The event itself will award the top two players a spot at the regional finals.

Cloud 9 will kick off the second tournament series starting on July 8th. Only 32 players will be eligible for this event. 20 of these players will be decided by the top 20 spots in the aforementioned competitive ranked ladder, the same ladder that will decide the first 20 spots to the regional finals.12 more players will be invited out to round out the 32 player field. There is currently no news on how the invited players will be decided.

The event itself will run with four groups of eight with the top four players in each group qualifying for the Semi-Finals which will be held on July 22nd and 23rd. After that the field will be cut in half again with the top 8 players qualifying for the finals on July 29th and 30th. The two players who place the best in the finals will earn the final two spots to the regional finals.

There currently is no news on when the regional finals will take place. But at least for now, players in North America and Oceania have a road map to get there.

Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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