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More Incentive to Win Early or Tank Early in Latest TFT Patch

TFT 9.15 patch notes

TFT’s latest patch, 9.15, has brought with it a great deal of significant updates to several different classes and champs in the game, as well as some more macro changes to the game itself. Among these larger-picture changes are updates to winning/losing streaks and how much damage players take.

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TFT 9.15 patch notes
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

TFT 9.15 patch notes
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Why These Changes Matter Together

These changes appear to incentivize players to either win early and often or tank early and play the economy game. Additionally, taking less damage overall can make losing early a less costly strategy and can, potentially, set players up better to strike in the late game. It also makes winning big that much more important to do solid damage, making winning often and early another viable route.

Overall, this change puts a great deal of emphasis on the first PvP battle players face. More and more, look for players to use that battle as a litmus test to decide how they will play their early game and how they will fit into the eventual late game.

Fitting into the Future

Yesterday, July 31, it was announced that four new champions would be set to come to TFT in mid-August, along with a new origin: Hextech. How will the changes made on patch 9.15 fit into the mix when the four new champions enter the battlefield?

There’s only one way to find out, Summoners.


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