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TFT Galaxies Mid-Set Update Gameplay Changes: Top 3 Takeaways

The mid-set update details have been revealed for Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies which includes a slew of impactful changes to the game, and thats not just from new champions.

In an official blog post, Riot Games laid out the framework for the update and what to expect from it. But the question is what changes should players focus on the most in this huge update?

Here are the takeaways players need to know about the game play changes in the mid-set expansion.

Tier 3 champ pool expanded from 16 copies to 18 copies of each.

Dark Star Shaco :: League of Legends (LoL) Champion Skin on MOBAFire

With the mid-set update to TFT, two players will now be able to hit Shaco 3* (image courtesy of Riot Games)

This change at first glance doesn’t seem massive but it definitely is. This is because increasing the Tier 3 champ pool by two champions allows for two players to 3* the same champion.

This is important because early on in set 3, Tier 3 carries were king. Everyone rushed to 3* champions like Shaco and Syndra but since there were only 16 of each champion in the pool and since a player needed nine of each champion to hit a 3*, this meant only one player could have a 3*.

This was very frustrating because it meant that if someone had a head start on a champion like Shaco, everyone else was forced to back off. In the infamous days where Mech-Pilot Infiltrators were at their peak, a 3* Shaco was an auto win, not only because the comp was strong but also because only one player could get a 3* Shaco.

Opening up the pool size will introduce competition for highly sought after 3* champs. Instead of the lobby giving up a comp uncontested because they have to, other players now have a chance to build comps that require specific 3* champs too.

Champions now sell back for their full value

Aurelion Sol LoL Mecha Splash Art 4K Wallpaper #308

5+5+5 now equals 15 instead of 9 in the mid-set update for TFT. Go ahead and sell that 2* Asol for full value. (image courtesy of Riot Games)

Another huge change that has been requested for a while is finally here.

Of course this change will help ease the burden of the carousel accidentally causing a players’ Vi on the bench upgrading into a 2* with a bow attached. Now player can sell that Vi without worrying about gold lost because there wont be any.

With champs sellIng for their full value no matter what, players can more importantly play their strongest boards without worrying about the hit to their econ. If a player needs additional frontline while they wait for their Wukong 2* but they can put in a Jayce 2* instead they can now do that and sell the Jayce for full value later.

Overall this change allows for smoother transitions for players. It also gives players a money back guarantee if they dont like the units they are playing, even if they held them and upgraded them past the warranty date. Talk about good customer service!

Neeko’s Help ALWAYS works now

Mid-set update Neeko's Help
Neeko is always there to help in the mid-set update to TFT, even if it means she has to make a champion out of thin air. (Image courtesy of Riot Games)

That is always as in no matter what. With the mid-set update, Neeko’s Help will create temporary champions if none are left in the pool. In a majority of games this wont matter but in games on Neekoverse this will be a critical change.

On the Neekoverse, since everyone has two Neeko’s Help, players often will search for a tier four champ and immediately use both of their Neeko’s Help on it to make it a 2*. The same thing happens for particular tier five champs as well. With the changes, players can still grab their powerful 2* champions even if one or two of them are in the pool. If they can find it, they will also be able to get the powerful champion they are looking for to 2*.

A common tactic most players use is hoarding particular units on the bench so other players cannot find them in their shops. With or without Neeko’s this happens. But when tactical players scout the lobby and notice that 10 of the 13 Jhin’s are gone, picking up that 11th Jhin now makes it impossible for the next player to make Jhin a 2*. This scenario also happens for someone chasing a powerful tier four 3* champion as well.

With the Neeko’s Help changes, players will have a very hard time denying other players their win conditions.

Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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