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Meta Forecast for TFT Patch 10.1: Compositions on the Rise

tft 10.1 comps

January 8 marked the release of TFT’s latest update, the massive Patch 10.1. This patch introduced new Little Legends, a new Lunar Trait, two new champions, and a laundry list of changes to items. With all of this change coming through, the meta has gone through a drastic shift.

To help players find their footing a bit faster, The Game Haus has provided its first impressions of the new meta, detailing various champions, compositions and items players should look to utilize in the early stages of Patch 10.1’s meta. First, we looked at which champions players should look out for that have risen the ranks in the newest patch, then we turned our attention to items. Putting both of these together, here are some compositions to consider trying in the early stages of Patch 10.1, courtesy of

tft azir comp

Blademaster Azir: High DPS and Anti-Healing

This comp utilizes the strength of Azir and Sivir and keeps a healthy blend of frontline protection and backline DPS. The thought here is to use Yorick and Yasuo to tank upfront (hence the Warmog’s Armor on Yasuo), provide solid damage from Sivir and Master Yi, healing/CC from Janna and backline pressure from Annie and Azir.

Azir is the clear carry here, with Sivir being another with potential when used with items like Hush and Hand of Justice alongside Red Buff. Otherwise, there’s lots of flexibility with Annie versus another Summoner or even potentially getting four Desert units late-game. A lot of econ is required through the game to make this work, so finding a comp that can carry a player through the earlier parts of the game fairly cheaply is important.

tft light comp

Light/Lunar/Soulbound: Survivability and High DPS

This composition is centered around all of Set 2’s new champions: Senna, Lucian, Leona and Karma. In particular, the goal here is to keep Senna alive as long as possible, while allowing Lucian to do unmitigated damage from beyond the grave. All the while the other Light units are tanking damage in the frontline and  Soraka is slowing down enemy spells.

This comp is easy enough to run. Players can start the game with three light and get Lunar quickly in the midgame. After that, a little bit of econ is necessary to land a Lucian in a timely manner but, otherwise, there’s nothing too difficult here. If making Senna a light isn’t going to happen, consider either going for nine units or subbing out Leona for a Jax or Aatrox as a last resort.

tft comps 10.1

Electric/Lunar/Warden: Powerful Mana and Electric Proc

It’s no secret that getting three Electric units is a strong thing in TFT, but the challenge of how to build around it is something up for debate. This is a composition that has worked for this author, combining Lunar and multiple Wardens to extend fights and Ocean to get Mana for Zed in the late-game. The unusual key to this comp, however, lies in using Thresh as a carry unit.

With reworks to each of the three items Thresh is equipped with here, he is able to cause a great deal of CC and slow enemies down in the frontline, all while healing surrounding teammates for his usual amount. The idea is, while all this is happening, Zed is able to get his ult off as many times as possible and start getting Redemption healing for frontline allies. When all of this comes together with the Electric Proc, it’s a good blend of healing and DPS that is a lot to deal with.

tft best comps 2020

Mage/Mountain: Perfect Balance and Huge Magic DPS

If you’re a perfectionist and want a viable composition that perfectly utilizes each unit’s Element and Origin, then look no further. This blends Wardens, which are strong due to the defensive nature of the meta currently, and adds in the DPS of Mages to provide a good blend of frontline chaos, defense, and high magic damage output. It’s also fairly flexible in terms of items, outside of needing to make a unit a Mage (Malphite and Thresh being the best options) and getting the necessary eight units.

Look to craft any items to maximize Nami’s damage output for late-game or, if that isn’t an option, making frontline units incredibly defensive and using Lunar for buffs each round is another way to go. Using Syndra over Vladimir can also be a way to get higher DPS, although at the cost of some survivability. In whatever case, just make sure to have some consistent way of getting damage output each round, no matter who it comes from.


More Meta Forecasts

Overall, there are plenty more compositions that are strong at the moment, however, these four have become especially strong considering which items and champions best enable them. Be sure to check out the other two pieces in this Meta Forecast series including which items and which champions are currently projected to be on the rise in Patch 10.1

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