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Meta Forecast for TFT Patch 10.1: Champions on the Rise

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Yesterday marked the release of TFT’s latest update, the massive Patch 10.1. This patch introduced new Little Legends, a new Lunar Trait, two new champions, and a laundry list of changes to items. With all of this change coming through, the meta has gone through a drastic shift.

To help players find their footing a bit faster, The Game Haus has provided its first impressions of the new meta, detailing various champions, compositions and items players should look to utilize in the early stages of Patch 10.1’s meta. First up, we take a look at which champions players should look out for that might not have been on their radar in the last patch.

[1/11 Update: The series is now finished. Be sure to check out our forecast for compositions and items in Patch 10.1!]


Starting out in this new meta landscape, Soraka has proven to be a strong champ not only because of her individual kit, but because of her Light and Mystic traits. Both of these have been strong early on as the meta has shaped up to be as equally about survivability as it is about damage output. Soraka helps bind enemy teams and prevent healing/damage from abilities while allowing a player to build a strong and flexible Light/Mystic comp around her.

Soraka doesn’t necessarily require items to be a strong carry champ, however, throw a Morellonomicon and/or a Seraph’s Embrace on her and she’ll be even more of a nuisance for enemy teams. Overall, there is no other champ that this author has found to have had a sharper increase in value than Soraka.

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Another option for a strong carry champion is Volibear. Between the new items that have been released and Lunar increasing the critical strike chance, Electric becomes more powerful as a whole. Between Ornn and Volibear, however, it seems clear that the giant polar bear is the stronger of the two options. Equipping Volibear with strong survivability items or ones that further utilize critical hits are solid choices and allow him to be a problem to deal with.

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The power of Basic Attacks and not having to worry about Mana is something Vayne has always been good for. But now, in Patch 10.1, this author would argue she’s even more powerful for it. Between Soraka’s rising stock and items like Hush being used more frequently, being able to output serious amounts of damage without spells is a huge plus. Look for items like Runaan’s Hurricane or the new item, Last Whisper, to build a strong Vayne in either a Ranger or full Light composition.


This isn’t to say that Kha’Zix wasn’t powerful before, because he absolutely was. But, Kha’Zix has changed a lot as the result of his shifting surroundings in Patch 10.1. Now, rather than using him to get his ability as many times as possible, several players have shifted to using him with Infinity Edge’s and other items to increase his critical hit power. Mesh this with Desert being as strong as ever due to Sivir and Azir’s continued strength, and Kha’Zix becomes an easy late-game carry champion.

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Each of the two new Lunar champions has to be on player’s radars when queuing up for a game, so better to be prepared for how to best use them, right? For starters, both gain power exponentially during each round when used together due to the Lunar trait’s bonus. With this in mind, it’s in a player’s best interest to keep them and their allies alive as much as possible to prolong and drag-out fights.

Because of this, Wardens, Glacial and Mystic are all solid options to look out for when building compositions, rather than things like Blademasters or Assassins. Additionally, items like Dragon’s Claw, Warmog’s Armor, Bramble Vest and Icebourne Gauntlet all do well to extend fights and allow Lunar to buff allies as much as possible.

More to Come

Overall, there are more champions that are strong at the moment, especially when zooming out and looking at compositions at a whole, however, these six have become especially noteworthy due to how their power has spiked in this new patch. Stay tuned for the remainder of this Meta Forecast series to see which compositions and items are looking strongest in Patch 10.1’s early meta game.




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