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Master Player “Lolsomewhat” Wins the Fifth Team Liquid Galaxy Qualifier

lolsomewhat LGQ week 5

With the weekly Team Liquid Galaxy Qualifiers now past the half way mark in the competitive season a specific trend as emerged. If you are not one tricking you are not winning.

Perry “lolsomewhat” Le, became the fifth player to qualify for Team Liquid’s LGQ final. The top two players in the eight player final will earn invites to compete at the OCENA regional final event to decide who will represent North America at the Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Championship later this year.

Not only is lolsomewhat the fifth player to qualify for the event, he now becomes the fifth player to do so by playing primarily one comp through the his qualifier. “One tricking” has existed as a viable way to climb on TFT’s ranked ladder since the game came out. But there were doubts that not being flexible would not work in a tournament setting. There are no doubts anymore but there is another way to play the game. Many players believe the optimal way to play the game is to be flexible and adapt. Lolsomewhat said that just because he one tricked doesn’t mean that was his original intention.

“Mech Sorcs was my bread and butter composition but I was familiar with the other meta comps too.” Lolsomewhat said. “I definitely didn’t come into the tournament thinking I would be playing one composition.”

The Mech Sorc composition has been one that has flown under the radar in the current TFT patch. Like all of the other one trick players, lolsomewhat preached that playing a composition that is uncontested is key to victory. Lolsomewhat was uncontested throughout the event on Mech Sorc but said that one tricking is risky business.

“It can crash and burn horribly if someone contests you or you know someone in the lobby who primarily plays that comp or variant of the comp.” lolsomewhat said.

Even in hindsight, lolsomewhat questions whether or not he deserved to win.

“I still have my doubts about the run because the composition was emerging and it’s possible that I just took advantage of the timing.” lolsomewhat said.

Lolsomewhat is a Master tier player. He joins three other players who were at least Master rank when they won their qualifier. The odd man out was Stephen “BooWee” Buie, who was Diamond when he won the week four LGQ. For the second week in a row, a Diamond level player made it into the final lobby of a LGQ. That player even came within striking distance of winning the event. Even though he is only Diamond four, Jordan “Fals” Brown believes he earned his spot.  He also said that hes ready to push even further in the next LGQ.

“I dont know if I would say that it was expected but I definitely deserved to be in the finals lobby.” Fals said. “Im aiming to win the next one, it came down to the final few rounds last week, I just need to reach a little further.”

Even though Fals thought he belonged in the final lobby, some players have their doubts. However the week five winner Lolsomewhat, believes that Fals’  finals performance may have not been a fluke after all.

“I think anyone participating regardless of rank can make it far in this tournament.” Lolsomewhat said. “He deserved to be there, hopefully he can do it again in week six.”

Week six of the LGQ kicks off on Saturday. For more information check

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