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First Impressions: Top 5 Most Overrated Units in TFT: Fates

Even though all the new Units in TFT: Fates look cool and players are eager to try them out, the harsh reality is that some of them are just not going to live up to expectations.

Here are the day one impressions of the top five most overrated units in TFT: Fates.

5. Kayn

Kayn, the Shadow Reaper - League of Legends

Kayn is the first ever unit in TFT that players will have a choice of what a unit’s spell does. Due to Kayn’s Tormented trait, after three battles, players can choose to have Kayn be in his Darkin or Shadow form which manipulates what his spell does.

Kayn’s spell isĀ Reaper, Kayn dashes towards a nearby group of enemies before slashing a circle around him dealing magic damage. If he is in his Darkin form he heals for 80% of the damage dealt and if he is in his Shadow form he deals more damage.

The problem is that for a tier five unit with a flashy synergy like Kayn has, his spell seems very lackluster. There is no CC or debuff attached to his ability, its just damage and by looking at the numbers its not a whole lot. At 1* Kayn only deals 300 damage and at 2* its only 600. The transformation Kayn gets makes the ability a little better but remember Kayn has to be in for three rounds before he gets to transform. When a player commits to a tier five unit, they want immediate impact and players wont get it from Kayn. With better numbers, Kayn could be a good carry threat but off of first looks, players will probably want to skip this one.

4. Lee Sin

Voice - God Fist Lee Sin, Legendary Skin - English - YouTube

Lee Sin finally makes his debut in TFT and he is in his “God First” form. Its only natural that a godly figure like Lee Sin would be a tier five unit. However, his spell isn’t very godlike at first glance.

Lee Sin’s spell is God Fist. Lee Sin punches his target, dealing magic damage, knocking them back to the edge of the battlefield, and stunning them for a few seconds. Any enemies the target collides with are also dealt half the damage and are stunned for 1.5 seconds. If the target is already on the edge of the battlefield, they are removed from combat instead.

So first off is spell is a big knockback that knocks other back if they are hit as well. Even though his spell also does damage, other CC abilities will definitely be more consistent and have better disruption than Lee Sin’s. The interesting part of his spell is the “remove from combat” section. However for that to happen Lee Sin needs to be on the edge of the battlefield himself which doesn’t seem like he will almost ever be.

There seems to be better value elsewhere, Lee Sin is indeed flashy but at first glance he doesn’t seem worth the hype.

3. Cassiopeia

Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia Skin Splash Art

Cass makes her return for the second straight set but feels brand new. Even though she costs one gold more and has a new ability, that doesn’t mean she will be nearly as good as her old self.

Cass’ spell is Petrifying Gaze. Cass releases a cone of magic energy towards her target, dealing magic damage to all enemies hit, stunning them for a few seconds, and causing them to take 10% increased damage while stunned.

The damage portion of this spell is negligible so the main selling point of the spell is the CC and the increased damage done to enemies. The issue is that if a unit has a CC ability and they are not tanky, then the spell will not be nearly as effective. Think back to Wukong from last set and Sejuani from set one. Those champions have serious CC in their spells and they are tanky which means they are almost guaranteed to get them off. Cass is not a tank in League of Legends so its safe to assume that she wont be one in TFT.

The increased damage portion of her spell is nice but as a tier four unit, it feels like their should be a lot more to this spell than just the stun. Maybe with better numbers Cass will be better than her set three version but as of right now she isn’t half as good.

2. Sett

Sett, the Boss free wallpapers splash art (4K) [Artist: Riot Games] - League of Legends - Waifu Clan [anime pics & digital art]

Sett makes his debut in TFT and is just as flashy as his League of Legends counterpart. He comes equipped with his own origin and is a tier five unit. But even though The Boss looks super cool it doesn’t mean he will be super good.

Sett’s spell is Showstopper. Sett grabs his target and slams them forward, dealing a percentage of his target’s max health in magic damage to all enemies in a large area. Enemies further from the epicenter take less damage.

The problem with Sett is it seems like its easy to play around. As long as entire teams are not clumped together, Sett seems like he will never get full value out of his spell. Another issue with Sett is in his The Boss trait. When he drops below 40% health, Sett just dips. He leaves the battlefield until he does enough sit-ups to come back. When he comes back he is super strong but if a player has a tier five unit they invested into that leaves the battlefield for any period of time, that just seems like a lost round. The jury is out on whether or not the bonus damage is worth the wait but players should just wait themselves and skip on Sett.

1. Morgana

Surrender at 20: 9/13 PBE Update: Splash Art, Skin Bios & Tentative Balance Changes

The most overrated unit at first glance has to be Morgana.

Morgana’s spell is Tormented Shadow. Morgana hallows the ground beneath her target, dealing magic damage to enemies within over five seconds and shredding magic resistance over the duration. Morgana restores a percentage of the damage dealt.

The issue with Morgana is that first her spell is kinda lackluster for a tier four unit. The damage is decent but with an ability that is strictly there to shred enemies, it seems like Morgana is supposed to be played in a carry role. And if we assume thats the case than we have to look at her traits which are Enlightend and Dazzler, two of the most overrated traits in the game.

With those traits it seems like Morgana is actually only there to be a debuff to magic resist and attack damage which makes her very awkward to play. At first glance not only is Morgana overrated, she seems unplayable.

Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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