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The Final Tier List Update for Teamfight Tactics patch 10.7

Warren Younger is a current Master Tier player on NA. He is always open to suggestions to make this weekly tier list better. Look for weekly tier lists every Monday.

The second week of the 10.7 patch for Teamfight Tactics showed that while some things stay the same, others can drastically change.

Last week’s tier list featured six comps in B tier or higher. This weeks list has eight.

Again the keyword is uncontested. Many of these comps have what it takes to win lobbies but some can do it easier than others.

Here is the final tier list for patch 10.7

Tier list week 2 patch 10.7

S-Tier: Comps that consistently win/ will top four at average power level


Kai'Sa, Daughter of the Void - League of Legends

Retaining its tier from last week but moving up to the top spot is the infamous Mech-Infiltrator composition. The powerful re-roll comp has proven time and time again that despite the number of meta comps in the game, there is no true counter for this composition. Brambles Vest on the mech shuts off many of the compositions on the list and the infiltrators make short work of powerful backline units.

The meta has shifted from making Shaco the primary carry to Kai’Sa. A level three Kai’Sa with the Demolition Spatula item and some form of mana gives the composition way more Crowd Control then it should have. At level seven and eight, players are adding in Sorcerer and Valkyrie buffs. An optimized Kai’Sa is so powerful that she even out damages the mech.

The only counter-play the comp has is through zephyr but even then, a Quicksilver Sash on the mech can just negate the counter-play straight up.

A very powerful composition thats only weakness is when it’s contested. If multiple people contest the comp it will be hard for multiple people to top four. But when the dust settles and there is one Mech-Infiltrator player left in the lobby, that person immediately becomes the favorite to win.

Annie 3, Rumble 3, Kai’Sa 3, Demo Spat, and Bramble Vest is Exodia. There is no beating that.

A-Tier: Comps that consistently top four at average power level/ Can win at optimal power level


PROJECT: Irelia :: League of Legends (LoL) Champion Skin on MOBAFire

This comps should really be in a tier of its own instead of A tier. Perhaps it should be in S minus or A plus. Nevertheless, Cybernetics did get a little weaker with the meta shift.

There is no denying the pure power level of this composition. Irelia is a beast. With Mana-Reaver and Blademaster buffs, Irelia can still clean up an entire fight and at level three, she can 1v9 it.

However, unlike Mech-Infiltrator, Irelia does have counter-play. In Cybernetics, the comp falls apart if Irelia dies early. Who would of thought a bunch of units with random synergies would not be strong enough to carry fights. Although Lucian and Ekko do a decent amount of damage, the rest of the comp are just there to buy time for Irelia to pop off.

The biggest issue for Irelia is dodging hard CC. Many comps on this list have some form of hard CC which makes it so Irelia has to kill the units faster than the time it takes for the CC to come out or dodge it completely. Unfortunately for Irelia, items like Brambles Vest make it very hard to kill a unit fast enough and items like Guardians Angel screw around with Irelia’s pathing. Not to mention that there is a chance that Irelia just flat out misses her ability since it registers as an auto-attack and any unit with a glove item has a chance to dodge it. Trap Claw will instantly lose players a round if Irelia runs into it.

So why is this comp this high despite the numerous counters? Because its still the only comp on this list that needs zero three-star champions to win lobbies. Also, there is some innovation happening with this comp. For the longest time players elected to have Shen and Thresh to compliment the Cybernetics at level eight. This allowed access to both Mana-reaver and Chrono buffs to further optimize Irelia.

In recent days players are focusing on Kayle and Miss Fortune for more power level. Even with little to no items, Miss Fortune and Kayle do a lot of damage and most of the time, soften up the enemy team for Irelia to execute every units. Even without Mana-Reaver, this variation has proven to be just as good if not better than the Chrono version.

-Star Guardians

Syndra - Star Guardian - Universe of League of Legends

This comp might not be the best comp of this patch but its definitely the patches brightest star. What started off as an honorable mention has blossomed into an arguable top three composition of patch 10.7.

Star Guardians has everything a composition wants. It has multiple forms of hard CC, it has a damage dealer that can one-shot any unit, and its carry is able to sit in the back.

This comp plays similarly to Mech-Infiltrator. Players will want to slow roll at level 7 to three-star some of the Star Guardian units with the most important being Syndra. How the comp works is that the Star Guardians buy time with their hard CC which actually literally gives Syndra mana to quickly cast her ability until the enemy is dead and the board is covered in orbs.

The power level of this comp is dependent on how many champions players can three-star. Syndra is obviously the most important but units like Neeko, Lux, and Ahri are also very important.

Another reason why this comp is strong is because the comp is oddly item flexible. Seraph’s is a must and Deathcap is good on Syndra too but outside of that  items are very flexible. Any defensive item can be thrown on Neeko, swords and bows can be thrown on a unit like Ahri.

The biggest weakness of this comp is it being contested and comps with range. But if a player can hit this comp uncontested it has a very good chance at winning the lobby.

-Jhin Darkstars

ArtStation - Dark Cosmic Jhin splash, Bo Chen

Ol’ Reliable. If a player wants to play for top fours with the upside of having a chance to win the lobby, Jhin Darkstars is the comp to do it.

This comp relies on the five other dark star units to buy enough time for Jhin to assassinate the enemy team from the furthest hex. There is no need to build any healing items on Jhin to keep him alive because the Celestial trait that Ashe and Lulu gives the player is enough for Jhin to fully heal himself every fourth hit. Jhin is capable of doing over 100k damage per shot which is obviously enough to one-shot any unit regardless of items.

The comp usually needs Jhin 3 to win lobbies. In rare cases Jhin 2 can be enough if other units have good items as well. Shaco is the secondary star of the show. Even a Shaco 2 can provide the extra power needed to push this comp from top four to top one.

-Kayle Blademaster

Aether Wing Kayle new splash by Alex Flores : Kaylemains

Same comp, Same spot, new tier list. Kayle still remains a little under the radar despite being a very powerful unit.

Mixed magic damage with physical damage makes her a threat that is very hard to counter. Kayle being able to use a wide variety of items helps her out too. If a player sees multiple bows early, they should consider playing this composition.

This comp is very flexible with units. Players can throw in a small Cybernetic package using Fiora and Irelia as the other Blademasters. Players can use four brawlers as a front line or even go for six Blademasters.

Kayle 3 is usually needed to win lobbies but an optimized Miss Fortune can be used instead of a level three Kayle.

If uncontested, This comp is definitely powerful enough to win lobbies.

B-Tier: Consistently top four/Rarely win


Chosen Master Yi Skin - League of Legends Wallpapers

The newest comp to come out of the second week of patch 10.7 is re-roll Rebels, also known as “bang bros”.

This comp is yet another re-roll composition but innovative enough, doesn’t use any units that the other re-roll compositions use. The comp relies on its dual carry threats being Master Yi and Yasuo. Both units are vital to success.

Yi is used to clean up the front line with true damage and massive attack speed. Yasuo targets the carries in the back and one-shots them. The comp plays like a legit strategic composition with each unit serving a specific role. The supporting cast is very important as well. Shen buys a lot of time for Yi to hit the opponent while not being able to be hit back. Blitzcrank misplaces key units making it easier for Yi to kill them. Sona keeps the heals coming so Yi and Yasuo can stay healthy. Sona also completes the bronze Rebel synergy which gives Yi and Yasuo more damage and more protection. Finally Karma keeps a shield on Yi while he goes on a rampage and gives the composition the Mystic buff.

There are two critical issues that keep this comp from being higher. The first is that it is super item dependent. Yi absolutely needs QSS. If Yi does not have QSS the whole comp just falls apart. Also this comp needs to hit three stars on multiple units or its a guaranteed bottom four. Even if the comp does hit Yi and Yasuo 3, it can still lose to any other high rolling comp.

However, if uncontested, this comp will easily top four and in a low roll lobby it might be able to win.

-Jinx Brawlers

Odyssey Jinx :: League of Legends (LoL) Champion Skin on MOBAFire

Same spot as last week. Jinx Brawlers are still a good comp but it just simply gets outclassed. Other comps higher on this list front to back fight better than Jinx can.

Jinx needs too many things to go right in a fight. The fact that even a Jinx 3 with optimal items cant guarantee a pop-off is concerning.

Miss Fortune 2 is a great secondary carry in this comp but sometimes it simply is not enough.

If uncontested this comp can definitely top four as it spikes earlier than most but its late game power level falls off and because of that, its very hard for this comp to win lobbies.

-Void Brawlers

Vel'Koz, the Eye of the Void - League of Legends

The biggest loser from the first week is Squid comp also known as Void Brawlers.

The comp truly has no counter-play if optimally hit. Vel’Koz with the Void synergy does true damage which means he can lazer through anyone. A Vel’Koz 3 with Seraph’s and Deathcap will do enough damage to annihilate the entire team pretty much guaranteed.

The problem is that there is a new sorcerer comp that simply does what Vel’Koz wants to do but better. Star Guardians showed up and pushed Vel’Koz to the side both literally and figuratively.

Star Guardians contest the same item components that Vel’Koz needs and also sometimes even contest Vel’Koz itself. If Star Guardians find the Star Guardian spatula item then Vel’Koz is picked up by Star Guardians to run the six sorcerer variation.

Void Brawlers cannot win lobbies unless they hit Vel’Koz 3. Any sort of contest to that means no first place.

However, the rest of the comp is pretty much uncontested. The power level demands respect too. Its peak is higher than Star Guardians but its just way harder to get Vel’Koz 3 instead of Syndra 3.

Can still definitely top four without level three Vel’Koz but don’t count on winning without it.

Honorable Mention


Protectors are in the same place as last week.

The composition can still top four lobbies and once in a blue moon can even win a lobby.

However the composition needs literally everything to go right. It needs optimal items on Xin Zhao and Rakan and needs to hit three stars on all of its champions to win.

That took a hit due to Star Guardians rising. Neeko is now a contested unit which is a bad thing for Protectors.

The current meta is not kind to Protectors but it’s a comp that should still be in the back of players minds.

Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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