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Everything Known about the New TFT: Fates Pass

TFT: Fates Battlepass

Teamfight Tactics are moving away from the stars and instead to the heavens and all things mystical. Set 4 for Teamfight Tactics is heading to the PBE on September 1, giving players a chance to find some bugs and test out the new units. But as with each new set, there is an exciting new TFT: Fates Pass filled with new items and cosmetics to spruce up the TFT board.

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The TFT: Fates Pass will be available for purchase when the set hits live servers September 16, but make sure to get a preview of what players can earn.

Star Shards

With the introduction of Fates, Star Shards also make their TFT debut. Star Shards allow players to upgrade their little legends. Each Little Legend tier requires additional Star Shards to upgrade. Starting at 100 to upgrade a Rare Little Legend, upgrading an Epic Little Legend will cost 125, and a Legendary upgrade will cost players 150 Star Shards. While players can earn these through the pass, Star Shards are also available for purchase in the store.

Unfortunately, not all little legends can be upgrading using Star Shards. UFO, Star Guardian, Jade Emperor, and Victorious Little Legends can’t be upgraded, as they don’t have an additional tier.

TFT: Fates Pass
Courtesy of Riot Games

In this Pass, players will unlock the “Journey’s Destination” arena before needing to purchase the Pass+. Once players do pay up for the additional Pass levels, they are rewarded with two additional arenas. One depicting the board at a campsite, and the other sporting a bit more greenery that the initial Fates arena.

TFT: Fates Pass
Courtesy of Riot Games
TFT: Fates Pass
Courtesy of Riot Games

In Fates, players can earn all-new booms to truly smack opponents around after a decisive victory. As the Pass is completed the booms are upgraded as well.

TFT:Fates Pass
Courtesy of Riot Games
Little Legends

Of course, as with each new set, there comes new outfits for some of the Little Legends. The classic River Sprite gets a brand new Jade Emperor skin, complete with a spiffy new hat.

Courtesy of Riot Games

Additionally, players will be rewarded with a golden Fates-themed Fuwa Little Legend.

Courtesy of Riot Games

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