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Did the Latest TFT Announcement Leak New Champions for Set 3?

Earlier today, Riot Games announced the official theme for Set 3 along with a new mechanic. While announcing Galaxies, they also featured images of two already confirmed classes, Star Guardians and Projects. Both of these skin lines are extremely popular and as was pointed out in a previous piece, there are many champions for the TFT team to pull from to make those synergies.

Up to this point, only Fiora and Poppy had been seemingly confirmed from the announcement video for Project and Star Guardians respectively. With the images used in the announcement today, is it possible that these champions that are shown are also making it in? Along with them, what other synergies could they have?

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Star Guardians


Champions in the Picture:

  • Syndra
  • Ahri
  • Miss Fortune
  • Ezreal
  • Janna
  • Lulu
  • Soraka

Champions Seen in other Announcements:

  • Poppy

While this is an image already made by Riot for the Star Guardian skin line, it is one that is picked of the many that Riot has already had made. This one features all champions that have already been in either Set 1 or 2 but, none that would be getting a third set.

With these new champions and Poppy being shown earlier, it would mean this synergy already has eight different champions. Likely, they would be a 3/6/9 champion synergy if the development team is sticking to what they have done in the past. That means there could be at least one more champion lingering out there still. Could it be Neeko? The announcement did mention a Neekoverse that was more focused on the item Neeko’s help but Neeko does have a Star Guardian skin.

When looking at all of the available champions, there are some interesting possible synergies in it, if they stick with past ones like they did from Set 1 to 2. For something like mages, Ahri and Syndra could fit. They could also have something like Mystics or just supports in general with Janna, Lulu and Soraka. Poppy could easily be the main tank of the group similar to how Amumu is for Inferno. Lastly, Ezreal could still be a ranger with MF joining him or with the possibility of Gunslingers coming back, Miss Fortune could work there too.



Champions in the Picture:

  • Akali
  • Irelia
  • Pyke
  • Jinx

Champions Seen in other Announcements:

  • Fiora

This image again was made for the Project skin line but, it could signify which Project champions are making it in. The only champion that would be making their first TFT appearance from this group would be Irelia. The other four would all be coming back from the original Set.

A synergy for this group could be looking at a 2/4 if no other champions are added. That said, there are still 12 different champions in the Project skin line who could make it. It would be odd if they just kept it at five but, it is definitely possible. What is most noteworthy is if Jinx is in this image. This is the only champion that brings up an issue as she was shown in the announcement video as a part of the Odyssey skin line. They claimed they loved what Qiyana was like in Set 2, so could Jinx play a similar role in this set?

As for other synergies, there are some big ones from past Sets that could stay or be coming back. Blademasters is an easy one because so many champions have some sort of blade. Akali, Irelia, Fiora and even Pyke to some extent could fit in that synergy. Also, Jinx could go with Miss Fortune again and bring back Gunslingers.


It would be hard to believe that none of the champions seen in these images make it into TFT: Galaxies. That said, these are the two biggest skin lines of the possible synergies so there are plenty of choices. So, did they accidentally reveal more of the champions or were the pictures just circumstantial? With more information in the coming weeks, it will be interesting to see.

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