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Details About TFT Set 3 Officially Released: New Champions, Items and Much More

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The first gameplay footage of TFT Set 3 has officially been revealed as the new set has just gone live on the PBE (test server). TFT: Galaxies features all-new carousels, minions, items, champions and much more, bringing a near-complete overhaul to the auto-battler.

Because of all the changes, there is a lot to break down and analyze. Hopefully, this serves as a good, general overview of everything that is changing, with links directing readers to dive deeper into each new element.

[3/17 Update: TFT Coming to Mobile on March 19 on Both Google Play and App Store]

New Champions, Classes and Origins

One of the most exciting parts of any new TFT set is the introduction of new champions and, subsequently, their new classes and origins. We’ve got an updated list of those that we’ll be keeping tabs on here, however, Mobalytics has also just released a full list of the champions that may serve to be more beneficial for players looking to theorycraft new compositions. There are 51 champions total in TFT Set 3.

tft set 3

Image Courtesy of LotharHS on Twitch

New Items

While the new items to combine with Spatula’s are obvious, there are also two new combined items featured. Both Chalice of Favor (Tear + Claok) and Shroud of Stillness (Gloves + Vest) are both introduced in Set 3. More on those and the other new items can be found on our TFT Galaxies Item Cheat Sheet

New Little Legends, Arenas and Galaxies Pass

These were all introduced earlier today. This set introduces new little legends for players to accessorize with as well as new arenas and a Galaxies Pass for players to get cosmetic items through. More on this from our earlier report.

So Much More to Come…

Whether its the new carousel appearance, the new minions or any of the other number of snall changes coming in this update, there’s a ton to be excited for. Riot Mort has already indicated that more new updates are coming as the game near’s its release on PBE, which should be set to happen later today. We’ll continue to provide updates at The Game Haus whenever we can, so be sure to stay tuned over the next week.



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