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Completely Serious TFT Little Legends Tier List

little legends tier list

More fierce than any player’s passion for their favorite compositions or champions is the passion for Little Legends. These small creatures have captured all of our hearts while simultaneously creating an insatiable rage in all of us at different times (I’m looking at you, constantly emoting Silverwing).

But, at the end of the day, not all Little Legends can stand at the top. In order to best sort out which Little Legends are truly superior, we’ve ranked them based on the following criteria.

  • Cuteness (first and foremost)
  • Quality of Emotes
  • Skins

Using these scientific and full-proof criteria, here is the official tier list for TFT’s Little Legends:

little legends tft
Image Courtesy of League of Legends


  • Featherknight
  • Protector
  • Craggle

These three absolute units stand alone at the top. From dabbing penguins to flying cats, these three are the perfect blend of cuteness without being anywhere close to annoying on carousel rounds. And yes, Craggle is not yet out on live servers, but just look at him!


  • Dango
  • Fuwa
  • Shisa
  • Ossia
  • QiQi

With the exception of Melisma, Series Four and Series Five produced some of the game’s best Little Legends. A big part of this is the emotes. Shisa’s Super Saiyan charge is one of the top emotes in the game and the True Damage emotes are always welcomed as well. All in all, Little Legends have, for the most part, gotten better over time.

best little legends
Image Courtesy of League of Legends


  • Molediver
  • Paddlemar
  • Hushtail
  • Melisma
  • Tocker

Outside of a mole digging a grave, there’s nothing else to see here. Completely average.


  • Furyhorn
  • Hauntling
  • Runespirit
  • Flutterbug

These rapscallions fail to be convincingly cute (the primary metric of these ratings) or to have any emotes which are particularly captivating. Furyhorn and Hauntling may be the originals but they are certainly not the best of the bunch. Also, Flutterbug is absolutely the worst of the new Little Legends coming in 10.1, no contest.


  • Silverwing

Silverwing, you are cute at first glance and you have some really neat skins, but anyone who has been playing this game since the beginning knows exactly why you’re down here in F-Tier. Shame on you, Silverwing users, for shrieking in all of our ears and ruining an otherwise adorable Little Legend. You should be ashamed.


As a reminder, TFT’s newest set of Little Legends will be arriving in Patch 10.1 alongside a plethora of other new champions and items. While you wait, be sure to check out our Complete Guide to TFT Rise of the Elements.

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